Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Highs and Lows

Last night was a great family evening. After the boys finished their homework, they got ready for their baseball games and we headed to the park around 4:15. #2 started his game at 5pm. His team is full of experienced players and they do really well each game. My boy got up to bat 4 times and hit all four times. One was quite a dinger to right-center!

Right as #2's game was ending #1's game was beginning. We don't often have back to back games, especially on school nights. This is maybe one of 2 or 3 all season. I hit the snack bar with #2 so we could get some food, (Don't judge. My thighs and belly are already bitching up a storm, thanks,) and headed toward the field. When I got there I checked the line up.....#1 has been practicing pitching and had been told a few weeks ago that he would get in to pitch "at some point." So when I saw the "P" next to his name in the 5the inning I had to catch my breath.

The game progressed like any other game this team has had this season...not great. But not awful either. They were putting together some great plays. Unfortunately the other team was getting a bunch of runs and by the middle of the 5th inning they were up by a lot. Just the perfect place for a brand new pitcher, right? (Although, it may have been the perfect time to put him in-they had absolutely nothing to lose, right?) So he finished out the inning-threw some good pitches, and the team managed to do well fielding. The best part came in the next inning, though. Of the whole game, his was the only inning that there were no runs scored on his team. He threw great, and even better, he got an out at first base! We were flying so high last night.

Then there was today.

A whole bunch of stuff happened...and I spent a bunch of time at the school, but that's not the worst part. Get this: The boys walked in the door screaming and yelling at each other. Finally I figured out that #2 had sat in the front seat (of the neighbor's car,) on the way home. And apparently that is grounds for World War 3? After I got them calmed down a little the doorbell rang. The neighbor that I share driving duties with was there to tell me exactly how bad it was. The boys had actually been fighting in the car-hitting, pulling hair, the whole thing.

Fighting over who gets to sit where on a 3 minute car ride. Really? AAAaaaaaarrrrrggghhhh!

Long story short, I read them the riot act and so did their father after dinner. (Both grounded from all 'screen time' until the weekend is over.) This behavior is not ok with us and hopefully we got through to them.

The lows. Yep. We've got those too. And all in 24 hours! Don't you want to be me?

Headless Mom


Soliloquy said...

WHYY?? It's so much more work to fight!

My kids were arguing about the color of a car the other day, because you know, silver and slate are NOT the same.

There was ONE right answer and they both not only thought theirs was it, they felt the need to PROVE it.


Mommy, I'm Home said...

I only have one kid at home, so I rarely experience this. But when I see other kids doing it, I always feel so bad for their parents.

Ramblin' Red said...

Oh dear...

Siblings and the things that are worthy of knockdown dragouts always make me go whaaaaaa???? And get completely frustrated too.

I know how those roller coaster days go.

Rocks In The Wash said...

I'm so glad we aren't the only one with the "low's"! M grounded C the other day for an entire month; mind you we've NEVER done that before and he's quickly finding out that being grounded from everything is definitely not fun.

Oh, and when our boys argue; I bring out the squirt gun. You'd be amazed at how well it stops the arguement!

Anna See said...

highs and lows, i can relate!

last season they put my kid in to pitch. he DID not want to. total heartbreaking disaster.