Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm not blogging about blogging. Really.

May has been a flash of activity and craziness and I have become the blogger that we, supposedly, all hate. The one that throws up lists and pictures and apologizes for the lack of blogging. Yeah, I'm her.

I have so many things that I want to say, yet none at all.

It's been floating around that so many of us (yes, myself included,) are wishing for anonymous spaces to write. There's a lot that we could say without names and faces attached, no? Way back when I started this thing I wanted to stay anonymous so I could hash out some things with my 'virtual tribe' as a sounding board.

Funny thing, anonymity. It usually goes away. And it has.

I'm finding that I can't write about family since they all read here. (Hello, All!) Whether good or bad, no doubt I would be misinterpreted, regardless. And most of my friends know about this space, so it's here if/when they want to find it. I can't even really write about my immediate family since it usually gets back to them: telephone-style. And that's never flattering.

So I don't.

I don't even think that what I might say would be unflattering to anyone in particular, just more of the get-it-off-my-chest-and-move-on variety. Yet I'm still paralyzed.

So I've been dancing around what I really want to hash out with my friends. You, internets, are my sounding board friends. The ones that I'd love to have living next-door so we could have a glass of wine together and watch the kids ride their bikes in the street until the darkness came and we had to start swatting mosquitoes.

So, all of that being said, I'm opening up my pages for you to write what you really want to write. You write it, I'll publish it. (Within reason, of course.) With or without a name or a link, your choice. Pass the word because I'll be happy to do it for anyone not just you and you, but you in the corner lurking around, too. You don't even have to have a blog!

My email address is headlessfamily5(at)gmail(dot)com. Shoot me a note and we can discuss the particulars. I may even write something for one of you to post for me!

That is, if I get up the nerve.

Headless Mom


Mommy, I'm Home said...

Good idea! I don't have anything to hash out right now, but if something comes up, I'll let you know. BTW, email me with the dates you're going to be in town. I have two more trips coming up this month, so I want to make sure they don't conflict.

kyooty said...

it's a great idea and yet, I wonder just wonder how much of "you" we are going to miss out on. You should have your space!

Just Breathe said...

I'm going to give this some thought. Sometimes I do want to vent.