Thursday, June 3, 2010

Las Vegas

Many of you know that I was supposed to be going to Las Vegas this weekend. My bowling league has our annual tournament there  and I always look forward to it. Two days of no kids and just being an adult is always great for my psyche.

Supposed to because I'm not going.

I was going to go. I always plan to go. I didn't make a reservation in my 'preferred' hotel and there is nothing close that I would actually stay in (dumps), and I can't really afford to stay elsewhere. I don't want to drive my car because I don't trust it across the desert in 100 degree heat. (Why yes, summer is arriving this weekend with a vengeance.) (I did look into a rental car, and it would have been reasonable.)

Headless Dad was going to try to go with me. Our first thought was to see if his Vegas office had any business that he needed to take care of on Friday so he wouldn't technically have to take a day off. That didn't work out so we were just going to go up on Saturday morning early to make it for the tournament at noon. That was until my son won their first playoff game (Yay Cubs!) and went into the path to play on Saturday. Yes, Saturday. HD is one of the coaches for the team so he had to stay for the game.

Ultimately, I suppose I could have gone, driven a rented car alone, spent one or two nights in Vegas alone, driven home early on Sunday to be home for commitments at 1pm and at 4pm.

Ultimately, it just doesn't seem worth it, does it?

Headless Mom


Just Breathe said...

I'm really sorry that things didn't work out for you. I will miss you. {{HUGS}}

Erica M. said...

Bummer. You sound really disappointed. I hope something happens this weekend to make up for the loss. Great HD sex, maybe? :)

Mommy, I'm Home said...

That's a bummer! Too bad you couldn't go with Debby...:(

Stimey said...

Oh no! You're a good mom to stay home. I bet that was a hard decision.

I think I would have gone.

Good luck to your son's team!!

Steph said...

OH man!!!! What a mixed blessing...geeze! I'm happy for you, sad for you...

You are such a wonderful will be rewarded all the way around for your selfless-ness.

I'm proud of you. Congrats to the Cubs as well.


anymommy said...

That sucks. I'm sorry you missed it. Schedule it again, seriously, days away are precious.