Monday, June 21, 2010


Two views of my bathroom. Yes, it is insanely huge. The first picture is taken standing on the tub from the second picture. The second picture is mostly to show you the PINK on my walls. When we moved into this house the entire house, minus one room, was all painted this color of pink. (The one remaining? Was baby blue. Really.) And? All of the trim, doors, etc. is this color, too. I KNOW!

So after I took these pictures I taped over the window and patched the few holes. This afternoon I did all of the corners, baseboards, small spaces, etc. with primer, and tomorrow I'll finish.

A few other notes:
  • The white line next to the ceiling is from overspray when we had the ceiling done in February.
  • I'm planning on replacing the medicine cabinet and light fixture at some point, along with the massive mirror. That will take some convincing on my part as HD probably won't want to do it. I'm over the massive mirror, circa 1985. I'll get there. Soon, I hope.
  • I'll also refinish the cabinet myself with a dark stain.
  • I want antique-y light fixtures. Maybe a chandelier with candles over the tub? 
  • I have to figure out some kind of window covering to put up as soon as I'm done painting. Any suggestions? I love the natural light but that window faces a street so we need something, at least half way, (cafe curtains,) so we don't 'bare all' to the neighbors. 
  • The chair is 'left over' from when the boys were born, in their room for late night feedings. I love it and may end up leaving it, but I won't get rid of it
I'll let you be surprised on the color...hopefully I'll be all done by the end of the week when the boys come home from camp!

Headless Mom


Mrs.Mayhem said...

Sounds like such a big job - I'm tired just reading about it. ;)

I've been procrastinating redoing our bathroom for six years. A year ago, I fixed the nail pops. Still haven't spackled (sp?) over them. The ladder is still leaning against the wall in my bedroom. Hopefully you'll post "after" pictures. Maybe that will finally motivate me.

Mommy, I'm Home said...

After spending last summer painting, I don't envy you...

Anna See said...

woohooo! you go girl. i need to paint but can't seem to drum up the energy.

Just Breathe said...

Can't believe you have lived with that pink all these years. They still do the big mirrors, I like the framed mirrors now. Have fun, it's going to be awesome.