Thursday, August 26, 2010

How you know it's not your best day

  • You think you're organized because of the list you have for the grocery store so you head on out.
  • You forget that you have to stop by the school.
  • So you turn around and go back to the school.
  • Finally on the road, you pull into the grocery store parking lot.
  • Notice that it is 105 on the bank sign. Sigh heavily.
  • Grocery shop. Feeling good when you can cross something off of your incredibly organized list.
  • Feel bad when you remember one two three, oh to hell with it, 10 MORE ITEMS and add them to the list.
  • Finish quickly anyway and find a line that has only one man with one item in front of you. (Try not to get too smug here.)(You know something's coming, right?!)
  • Think you're pretty cool for finding a bunch of $1.00 deals, and your total bill will be pretty small.
  • Go to pay.
  • Search for your wallet.
  • Search some more.
  • Realize your purse isn't that big. 
  • Realize that you have your checkbook. Yay!
  • Write check.
  • Get asked for you ID. (Really? I haven't been carded for anything in years, why, Universe, do you need to see my ID today?)
  • Tell checker that you don't have it. Oops!
  • Have checker hold your stuff.
  • Go home.
  • Get wallet. Look for that $6 coupon you thought you had. 
  • Find coupon. It's not valid until next week. 
  • Husband, running in for lunch, asks why your car is still running. Tell story.
  • Drive back to store.
  • Pay for cart full of groceries.
  • Apologize to customer in line for 'cutting' to pay your bill.
  • Go home. Again!
  • Begin to make dinner.
  • Slop what you're mixing all over the bowl and counter.
  • Want to give up and just have a cocktail but can't because of football practice. *Sigh*
  • Realize that tomorrow is a "No Students" day at the school.
  • Jump for joy!

Headless Mom


Jill said...

Forgetting your wallet at home is something I would do... and have done. Awesome!

A no students day at school. Already?

Catcher Dudes Mom said...

Must have been "one" of those days. Hopefully better today!! :)

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your rough day....hope tomorrow is MUCH better!

Ramblin' Red said...

Oy. Have had many days like that. Mine usually includes being proud of myself for getting dinner in the slow cooker at start of day, only to find I didn't turn it on when dinner is due.

Anna See said...

i hate it when that happens!

Diana said...

You mean this is not a normal day? Because ALL of my days go about like this. Well, until the kids go back to school anyway, then I get my mind back.

Debby said...

Yes a day like that would certainly call for a cocktail!