Wednesday, September 8, 2010


  • You know how when you've been working at something for 30 minutes on the computer and then have to take a call? Blocked. (Or "timed out of your session." Whatev.)
  • You have a sh**ton of writing to do and then it rains? Blocked.
  • You have worked your tail off over the weekend, then on the weekdays you can't get motivated? Blocked.
  • You *always* write out your weekly calendar but forget just one time? Blocked.
  • You feel like you're forgetting something but can't figure out what? Blocked.
However, you can always make a blog post out of it and call it a day.
Headless Mom


Debby said...

So true, I am actually working on one right now. I basically have nothing to post about. I came over to get your link because I am mentioning you in it. All about my day yesterday because everyone needs to know. I guess bowling took the wind out of us!

Stimey said...

Pretty much every single day of my life I feel like there is something that I have forgotten but I can't remember what. I live in fear of the forgetting. Kind of a drag. I hope one day to get my memory/sanity back.

Just Margaret said...

Don't forget: "After a long weekend with everyone home, your husband decides to "go in late..." or "work from home..." every day this week, leaving you with no solo time to write."

Oh, wait. That was me.


anymommy said...

Such a frustrating feeling, may you be completely unblocked now.