Monday, September 6, 2010

The Weekend

I started the weekend at football practice, again. Celebrating the fact that it was our last Friday practice. Thank God! We've been practicing 5 days a week since the end of July, so it was worth some celebration.

Saturday morning all 3 of my guys were scheduled for hair cuts...but only HD went. Both boys didn't feel well due to late summer colds so they stayed home. Once I actually woke up I was annoyed; this was the last Saturday in the foreseeable future that they were going to be able to go with Dad to get it done. Hmph. Now I'm going to have to find time during the week to take them, which is next to impossible with our sports/scouts/school schedule.

I kicked semi-butt on Saturday...finished some laundry, did some vacuuming. The best part about Saturday, though, was that we finally got a freezer! (That is a story of it's own. Remind me if I don't post it. It's good.) Since it was so bloody hot outside we didn't do much but bask in the a/c. I had a chance to catch up, by phone!, with a good friend that I rarely get to actually talk to, (we usually email.) We had a relaxing day... Thank goodness for NCAA football! I got my fix on Saturday, and good.

Sunday I really kicked house-cleaning butt. 2 bathrooms, vacuumed 6 areas of the house (including the stairs), mopped 2, finished 2 more loads of laundry, and (kinda) cleaned the kitchen counter. We're almost back to the "fake house" that we love so much. That evening the stars aligned (finally!) and we were able to have some friends over that we have been trying to get together with for quite some time. It was so great to be able to visit with them in such a relaxed atmosphere. Normally when we get to see The W's we are at someone's practice or scout meeting, passing each other while we run our kids somewhere. I love them, I love their kids, I love that everyone gets along so well. It was definitely an excellent evening. Thanks, W's!

Today was just relaxing, plain and simple. Headless Dad and I sat on the back patio all morning drinking coffee. I read blogs; he started a book. He went to hit golf balls; I took the kids to get shoes and a couple of other things on sale. (Yay for sales!) Tonight we're watching Boise State/VA Tech and had a yummy steak salad for dinner. Sitting on the patio with a couple of beers is rounding out the evening just.right.

Aaahh. Just what I needed! What about you? Did you get just what you needed this holiday weekend?

Headless Mom


Debby said...

Sounds like it was a very fun weekend and productive too! I was actually motivated to do some cleaning and organizing today. It's not like me at all. So glad you had time with your friends. See you tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

Dad started a book?! What was it?

I cleaned, shopped, and homeworked this weekend.

And had a yummy dinner last night. It been preety good.

<3 Headless Girl :]

carmen said...

YES! I got to talk to YOUUUUUU!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely time at your house on Sunday! Thank you, Thank you!