Friday, September 17, 2010

Lunch Dates

I had to laugh yesterday when I read Jennifer's post on the subliminal messages that many of us SAHM's give to our husbands. "Gosh! I have so much time now that both kids are in school! And it's right at lunch time! How about that?!!"

I totally remember that. I had one boy in Kindergarten, the other in preschool 3 mornings a week and All.The.Time.In.The.World!!! (Yeah, pre-blog days...that's important, folks.) I dropped hints like babies drop toys for the 'I drop it, you pick it up' game. Like, endless.

Headless Dad eats out at lunch, oh, about 99 out of 100 workdays. Not that I really want to eat out that much, but since I don't like sandwiches, and I hate cooking anything for just me, I would like to eat lunch out more than I do. Oh, and there is that little thing of budget. If one is eating out, I, and end up eating leftovers or some other crap that I don't want just so I have nourishment. Call the WAHmbulance now...

Back to yesterday...I laughed as I read her post because I remember those days of desperately wanting to go out and have some adult time! Adult conversation! No Cheerios added! And during those days I didn't have any friends. Literally, I had no one to call for an occasional lunch out. (Actually, not too different from now. Most of my friends work, homeschool, or live too far away. Yes, thank you I'd love some cheese with my whine!)

On Thursdays I volunteer in #2's classroom from 9-10 helping with their writing assignments. (Heh. I know! It's like I have a degree or something...) So when I got home I sat down to write a post for IEF. I wrote. I linked. I resized pictures. I edited. I published.

Er, no I didn't.

Crap. Where did it go? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!11!!!!!

Yes, it was lost. After over an hour of work it was gone. And like clockwork, or the biggest irony of the week? Headless Dad called to ask me to go to lunch with him.

AHahahahahhahahahaha... Yeah, like I have time for that today!??!! I have to get this post up, and finish the smelly load of laundry and figure out something for dinner and iron (that I should have done 3 days ago) and And AND!!!11!!!!!!!

So, that's the tale of How I Got What I Wished For, A Few Years Later. Good luck with that, Jen.
Headless Mom


Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

Bwahahaha!! Maybe someday I'll write this very same post!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It funny, I get creative and make nachos for lunch because I hate having to make them for everyone.
Ya, I'm selfish like that. I enjoy the quiet time with no one to wait on. I do understand each word that you typed and sorry about your lost post.

We always have Tueday!

kyooty said...

I totally love this alone time but you know today? business meeting, and a friend called me to pick her up after day surgery.