Thursday, March 17, 2011

American Idol-Birth Year Songs

I always find it interesting what the contestants choose to sing from the year they were born. It's obviously not the year that they love most musically, and HOLY COW I am old enough to be these kid's mother.

That's enough of that. I like to live in a bubble where I'm perpetually about 19. Ahem.

Naima-(Tina Turner)- I found it flat and agree with Jennifer that if she doesn't find her notes, she'll be gone soon.

Paul-I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues- I found this to be completely horrible. I am not a fan of Paul's and I disagree with the judges: cold or not it pretty much sucked. Don't mess with my Elton, baby.

Thia-Colors of the Wind- Her voice is very smooth. It was boring and I also agree with the judges that she needs to do something a little more upbeat and current if she wants to hang around longer.'

*What is up with the feathers this year? OK, I know that Steven is wearing them but it is NOT a fashion statement and you should only be wearing them if they are currently serving a second recreational purpose, if you know what I mean.

James-I'll Be There For You- Unfortunately I didn't get to see this one but HB#1 told me that he really liked it and would give it a 9 out of 10. HD agreed, so I'll trust them!

Haley-I'm Your Baby Tonight- Sorry, but all I got around here was big groans. I really think she's a mess: vocally and performing. She won't be around for long.

Stefano- If You Don't Know Me By Now- The Simply Red version of this song is one of my all time favorites. I can remember belting it out on my drive to and from college. Unfortunately, I vehemently disagree with Randy and don't think that it was anywhere CLOSE to the best of the night. If you ask me it was closer to one of the worst of the night. Also? The basketball shoes were stupid. Even #1 said so.

Pia-Where Do Broken Hearts Go?- I think that Pia is the only contestant that has ever been able to pull off Whitney with reasonable success. That's not to say that I loved it--I actually didn't like the dance mix version that she did--but she's got pipes and vocally sounded like one of the best. As for the satin jumpsuit? Poor choice. HD said that she looked pregnant, which I doubt was the look that she was going for.

Scotty-Can I Trust You With My Heart?- I love Scotty, love his low, melodic voice, but I really think that it's time to do something a little different. He should choose an 'adult contemporary' song and put his country twist on it, but singing it straight is getting boring.

Karen- Love Will Lead You Back- I think that she has once again over sung and over performed. There were bad notes all the way through, she tries to bring too much power to the whole song, and really? who is approving her hair styles? The giant bunslashsecondhead was wildly distracting. Confession: I'm not a fan of the Spanish in every song. I realize that it is obviously her heritage, but I find the switching back and forth between languages takes away from the continuity of the songs. I find myself thinking that she all of a sudden has marbles in her mouth. Is this just me?

Casey-Smells Like Teen Spirit- Casey nailed it. I loved it. Wanted to get up and jump around my living room and swing my hair like I was in a mosh pit. Not that I've ever been in a mosh pit, but you know what I mean. Right? {crickets} Oh come on!

Lauren-I'm The Only One- I've loved Lauren since her audition (did I say that last week?,) and think that she did really, really well tonight. Flu or no, she really came back strong after last week.

Jacob-Alone- He sounded really, better than he's sounded since voting started. The only problem that I have with Jacob is that I can't watch him when he sings because of his bounce. It's quite distracting.


Honestly, I'm not sure that we need to do all of the weeks between now and the top 4. I'll go ahead and say it. There are only 4 people that can win this: James, Pia, Casey, and Lauren. (Should I take my prediction to Vegas?)

The Meh-Middle: Jacob, Scotty Thia, Naima, (if she can get her notes back. If not then she falls in the bottom group.).

Will go, sooner rather than later: Paul, Haley, Stefano, Karen.

Am I right? What do you think? Who was your favorite of the night?
Headless Mom


Cap'n Sam said...

Pia and Scotty to the top---

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I was pretty disappointed in last nights show. I did like Casey, he did a great job with that song. I like Scotty but he does need to try something different. Lauren was very good.

Stimey said...

I concur with you COMPLETELY. I'm a Casey/James girl.

Stimey said...

Also, I can hardly believe that people born in 1995 exist and walk among us.