Friday, March 18, 2011

Floors. It Never Ends.

So you've see the wood. You've seen the carpet. Have I mentioned that we're not done yet?

Trying to find tile to put in the bathroom, laundry room and my giant new closet, has been so, so difficult. The first thing that we thought we liked we decided to wait on because we didn't feel like we'd seen enough. So we went to a big box home improvement store. Found something we liked. Bought it. Got it home and it was AWFUL. Mistake thanks to the terrible lighting: the tile that we chose ended up being a putty with pink, rather than a taupe/brown and hideous with the granite. Returned.

One day last week I dragged my mom around some tile places and after the first 2 our heads were swimming. Do you know how many types, colors, styles and sizes of tile there are out there? I swear we didn't see the same one twice. Anyway, we decided to take home a few samples to see the color in the space, lighting, and with the cabinet and countertop. It took all of two seconds to choose. Oddly enough, it was the very first tile that HD and I chose that made the cut. Darker color, but same tile.

All that wasted time. Now, if we can just get our contractor here to get it in!
Headless Mom


Debby@Just Breathe said...

So glad you found one that you like. When we picked out items for our home in the big gallery places they send you to the lighting is horrible. We expected our grout to be a lot darker! You would think they would have the best lighting.

Karen r said...

Time that was not wasted, now you know without a doubt that you have the right one. I can't wait to see it!!!

carmen said...

I HATE floor shopping. It is the worst.