Friday, June 24, 2011

About Feet (Which is a totally lame title but, OW the pain!)

It's been a while since I've written something of substance around here. Sorry about that. I blame summer and the broken record of "He's punching me!", "He's calling me names!", and "Can we go swimming?" (It certainly has nothing to do with my lack of motivation, right? Ahem.) There are dozens of things that I need/want to write about but honestly? Let's talk about feet.

Yeah, I said feet.

In trying to find my motivation for just about anything, I recently started exercising again. (Please, let's not talk about the fact that I've been downright lazy since November. I'm the Queen of Excuses.) I figure, since #2 has football conditioning twice a week I may as well get the blood pumping too, right?

Since it's summer and the usual foot wardrobe around here is nothing, or flip-flops if you're gettin' fancy, I took him to the Giant-Sporting-Goods-Store-With-A-Man's-Name-That-I-Hate to grab some running/training shoes that actually fit and weren't so old that you could see his socks through the soles. (Ha. I kid. You could only see the insoles through the soles.)

Foot thing #1- I had to buy my 9yo a men's size 8 shoe. Yes, you read that right. The kid resembles a large puppy with those things, and me-thinks I have a long, long, LONG way to go before he stops. Do you know anyone else that wore a men's size this large at this age? And exactly how big did they end up being? I'm scared and need reassurance-send chocolate and wine. And perhaps tips on how to get your kid to "Sit down, I need to talk to you."

Foot thing #2- While wandering the shoe aisles trying to figure out what I was looking for WITHOUT HELP I decided to check in the women's aisle to see if there were any shoes that would work for me, you know, since I am starting to exercise again. See, my old walking/running shoe brand was Asics but the latest pair has been less than great on my heels and I can hardly wear them because my feet hurt so bad while wearing them and for days after so I really wanted a new brand. After trying on a few different shoes I settled on a pair of Saucony's. Which, in general I thought I liked. (Except for the fact that they were labled on sale and then weren't. Long story. Reason #856 why I hate that store.)

Until last night.

Can someone tell me why my feet hurt SO BAD?  I did not work out hard... maybe walked a total of 2 1/2 miles, ran for maybe a 1/4 mile of that since it was only my 3rd time back to exercise in 6 months. Honestly, I can hardly walk today because my right heel hurts so so so so so bad. Did I buy the wrong shoes? Should I quit trying to walk/run and figure out a way to exercise without being on my feet like that? Am I just doing it wrong? The thing that sucks is that I ADORE walking (with a little running thrown in,) and it is my go-to exercise. I've even been thinking about trying a 5K but with this kind of pain there is no.way. Or, am I just under-estimating the power of 6 months off and should I power through the pain for a little longer until my body is used to exercise again? Or is there a brand of running shoe that will be like running on clouds and I've somehow missed it?

Honestly people, I need some help here. And if you're my brother and willing to give me one of those foot massages like you did in high school, I'll totally take you up on it.

Headless Mom


Ramblin' Red said...

Two things..

1. my dd is now a size 8. Overnight we have skipped 4 shoe sizes! And, as I'm sure you are experiencing with your son, grown up shoe sizes are NOT CHEAP! Especially women's anything (I swear we get a 25% markup b/c manufacturers know we like to buy!). Oy. feel your pain, no advice.

2. Foot pain is (thankfully) nothing I have experienced - but I think probably it wouldn't hurt to go to a running store (here we have runner's roost, foot of the rockies, etc) and have them do a gait/stride analysis and perhaps see if you have need for any kind of orthotics inserts. This is usually free to low charge and can help you get to the bottom of your pain.

Glad you're 'back!' I'm still trying to come up with anything of substance in this here brain of mine too.

kyooty said...

I had that foot pain too. I also have arch pain in my right foot like you wouldn't believe. I have no idea why but I did start walking "with determination" again. I wake up with sore feet and after walking around for the day the pain eases off. A friend mentioned Plantar Fasomething

Bobbie said...

Definitely sounds like Plantar fasciitis. Is it worse when you get up in the morning? There are lots of stretching exercises you can do, and lots of people get relief with orthotics (sp?). Sometimes a shot of cortisone helps.

Sometimes sitting and rolling a tennis ball with your heel helps with the pain.

Good luck - mine finally went away after about 8 months...

Melisa with one S said...

It sounds like you didn't break in the shoes enough. OR, maybe the shoes aren't right. I'd try to return them if you can or if you can't, go and buy a pair of SuperFeet. They are "over the counter orthotics" that cost about $30. You take the soles out of your shoes, cut the SuperFeet to fit, and insert them.

Also? My older son's feet were that size at age 9. Now he wears a 12 or a 12 1/2. He's got boat feet!

Anonymous said...

So sorry for your heel pain...we've had a lot of experience with that over if you don't get relief soon...Ann W.

lynn said...

Do you warm up your feet before walking or running? If I don't I have trouble the next morning as soon as my heel touches the ground.

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Seeing as I do the worse possible thing, by walking, everywhere, in flip flops, am absolutely the worse choice for giving advice, this summer. Hope it's just a matter of breaking in the shoes.

Diana said...

Plantar Fasciitis. Been there, done that. Had it terrible in my arch. Now my heels are flaring up. Turns out it's all related.

Kizz said...

Yeah, what everyone else says, Plantar Fasciitis. I haven't had it myself but know a number of people who have. Do the stretches, ask a doc for shoe recs for it. You'll get over it but it may take some time. Good luck!

HolyMama! said...

you know, i hate that place, too. does it HAVE to be capitalized, too? like, it's not bad enough already?

anyway. my feet always hurt when i start running/walking again after taking a break, even if i've been doing other exercise. could that be it?