Sunday, September 4, 2011


Facebook is so interesting. Like weird, interesting. Witness: the following chat from last night. (Slightly edited, of course.) Note: This is someone that I went to school with but don't remember talking to since junior high school. We knew each other but didn't run in the same circles. At all.

Him: are you there?
Me: yes! How's the restaurant?
Him: friggin' busy
Me: that's good!
Him: I have wanted to ask you something
Me: should I be scared?
Him: nah
         do you remember me?
Me: yes
       i remember most everyone we graduated with
       some more than others, of course
Him: did you hit me in jr. high?
Me: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
       I have no idea. Although i don't remember hitting anyone in junior high
       so i hope it wasn't me!
       (Please understand I'm not laughing at you!)
Him: I think it was {Another girl}
         i said a really racist thing and she slapped me
Me: The first guy (that wasn't my brother) that I remember punching was
        in college and he desperately deserved it
Him: i deserved it
         {She} was a bitch anyway
Me: Ouch again
Him: just an opinion
         i left [hometown] and never looked back
Me: i wasn't super close with her
       many did. You're not alone in that at all.
       I have mostly wonderful memories from [hometown] and would
       move back in a heartbeat if i could
Him: my dad lost control of his drinking and i tried to kill him at 17.
         slept in my car senior year and still tried to act like everything was normal
Me: Oh my goodness. I'm sorry you had to go through something so horrible
        as a kid. sounds like you've done well for yourself
Him: but still, [hometown] is who i am
Me: it's who we all are
Him: yeah, it's deep in me. i watch your posts and am glad you are happy

Me: thanks sounds like you are too
Him: took a long time. stabbed 3 times (twice in europe) and eight
         broken noses but i'm good
Me: Yikes! you've got some stories, don't you?
(tangent, not relevant)
Him: ran into [guy1] and [guy2] in hawaii in 91
Me: really? why would you remember that?
Him: because [guy1] was rich and privileged and [guy2] was a douchebag
         and you were in a class with me and i always had a crush on you
(Huh? Is this where this is going???)
Me: Actually I don't think [guy1] was rich, I just think he had the luck of good genes
       they're both douchebags
Him: just sort of remembering stuff
Me: Thank you. I hope that means I was at least nice
Him: as far as i remember just pretty
Me: *blushing* thank you
Him: [guy1] was a [jerk] in hawaii
Me: he was a [jerk] at the reunions too
Him: don't blush you were pretty to me
Me: yeah none of those guys changed
Him: that is why i didn't go to the reunion
Me: it's not so bad really. [guy1] didn't come this year
(other unrelated)
Me: the 20 was really fun. i'd love if you'd consider coming sometime
Him: sad because i was there from 4th grade
Me: we'll do it again for our 30
        think about it?
Him: maybe. glad i reached out
Me: me too. i wish you luck and happiness. i hope you're happy now!
Him: i am. in the end God took care of me
         and i have some really cool scars
Me: He's the best papa of all.
Him: goodnight
Me: goodnight.

Does this seem strange to you? Does it seem like he was trying to go somewhere more weird? I was trying to keep it light and chatty, nice but not too familiar. Did I succeed?

Headless Mom


Headless Mom said...

OH! And the oversharing! Why? Why me?

Kizz said...

There's definitely a whole lot of crazy there barely below the surface. I would not meet him in person again if I could possibly help it.

Anna See said...

Oh my. Oh my.

Melisa with one S said...

BEYOND WEIRD. Take a bodyguard to your 30th.

Rocks In The Wash said...

Talk about a conversation jumping from one thing to another!

Seems like he was trying to hang on to "old feelings."

Definitely, take your hubby to the next reunion!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is definitely strange!

Mary @ A Simple Twist Of Faith said...

Be careful.

Michelle said...

People are weird. And I wonder why I don't spend much time on FB ;)

Sam said...

Sounds like FB convos I had around our 20th reunion as well. Harmless. Dude was reaching out a bit. It's cool.