Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NaBloPoMo Can #SuckIt

I've been phoning it in for a while now. You didn't notice? You're so kind.


Anyway, this is kinda kicking my butt. I know.

Did I mention that it was our anniversary today? Yup. 14 years and HD is a keeper. He got me a ring that is beeyooooo-tiful. I'll get a picture for you when I get it sized. I love it!

If you'd like to see a picture of our wedding you can look at the post that I wrote for our eleventh anniversary. It was a really beautiful ceremony.

I'm off to snuggle with my honey. Nighty night!

Hey, just curious... How many years have you been married?

Headless Mom


XLMIC said...

Happy Anniversary! Awesome you got a gift :)

Would you believe I've never gotten an anniversary gift? We've been married 13 years.

Diana said...

Happy Anniversary! Can't wait to see the ring.

We've been married seven. It was 10 years ago, about this time of year when he first told me he loved me and I replied with "WHAT??!?!?" Poor guy, took him another month to muster up the courage to try again.

Michele said...


As for us, it's been 13 1/2 years.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a beautiful setting for your wedding and I love your dress.
Happy Anniversary.
Okay well we are 39 -6 =33!

Rocks In The Wash said...

Congratulations on your 14 wonderful years together! I can't wait to "ooh" and "ahhh" over the picture of the ring.

M and I have been married 17 1/2 years, though we dated on and off for 10 years prior. ;)

Cap'n Sam said...

47 and counting !!!!!

Melisa Wells said...

It'll be 25 years next month! :)

kyooty said...

Happy anniversary, we're heading for 16.5 years.