Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nomads and Pizza

I know, I know. It's been a while. I really wish I was one of those bloggers that could just jump right in to posting again with wit and charm and grace. Instead you just get me, in all of my clumsy glory.

In spite of my house falling down around me it has been a good couple of weeks. Early last week we were host to the traveling Reints family. Britt, Jared, Devin, and Emma came to stay with us for a couple of days. It was so fun to catch up with their travels and introduce Headless Dad to another one of my non-freaky, completely normal internet friends. (That's a joke, y'all. He doesn't really get the whole internet thing too much. Of course Britt is normal, it's HD that is the abnormal one. Well, at least as far as social media is concerned.) The kids all got along great, and I hope that Britt and Jared were able to let their hair down a little and catch up on stuff after a busy week in Las Vegas/Lake Mead. If you haven't been following their journey, take some time to catch up, see where they're finding happiness this week, and see where their journey is taking them this spring. If you don't know already, they pulled into San Fransisco today so I'm sure there will be some fantastic things in store!

HD has finally had some scheduling luck so some projects at work that have been going on for a long time are finally getting finished. That meant that he was out of town Friday and Saturday. On one hand that stinks for obvious reasons, on the other hand it gave the boys and I a chance to do something that we don't often get to do. Go to the pizza joint. I'm not even kidding. If you've been reading here for very long you may have observed that HD is kind of a food snob. He's mostly a meat and potatoes guy with a little exotic flavor thrown in. Dude is extremely picky about his pizza. There are only one or 2 local places that he'll eat pizza from and that's not often. So, the kids and I called some friends, whose husbands were also working, and we took the plunge. The boys raided our change jar for quarters for the video game machines, got to hang out with other kids, and I got to have some 'girlfriend time'. It was lovely.

The good thing about having house guests is that my house is clean. I mean really clean. Like, cleaner than it's been since before the Great Flood of 2010, or maybe ever. Now, it's not perfect-remember, we have a torn out bathroom!, but it looks really nice and I'm feeling the effects. Those kooky people that say that having a clean house leads to a peaceful mind-set just might be on to something. I'm actually motivated to be all Fly-Lady and clean a little each day so that it stays this way.

And that thump you just heard? That was both of my parents falling over from shock all the way in Colorado.

Headless Mom


Shannon Entin said...

I say this all the time: Cleaning is like therapy for me. I feel so tense when the house is messy and cluttered, so I try hard to keep it clean all the time. There's still a good amount of clutter because the Man hates to throw ANYthing away, but I can at least hide it pretty well.

Carmen said...

I would rather have you in your clumsy glory than anyone else. For realz.

Capt'n Sam said...

"That floor was pretty HARD" !!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love the traveling that they are doing. So glad they visited with you. Also happy that you got to go out and have some pizza. Maybe the boys and you need to join us on one of our pizza adventures someday! Fun post. Hope your parents are okay :)

Diana said...

You crack me up. I love it.

So, since you're done cleaning yours, want to come clean mine?