Wednesday, March 7, 2012

American Idol-Top 13

I like the way that they have changed Idol a little this year... new twists make it interesting. Yes, I realize it's still predictable, but I still love it. So shoot me. Guys have Stevie wonder and the girls have Whitney Houston... boy, this should be interesting. I've said before that I'm not a big fan of Stevie, but I do recognize that he has had a huge influence on music in our country. And then there's Whitney. What do you say about her? Interestingly enough, she's the artist that the contestants should have stayed away from in the past but now that she's gone they showcase her music. Before they even start I can only see about 4 of the girls doing well with any Whitney song, so we'll have to see how I do with my prediction.

Joshua- I Wish- Hmmm. Pretty good! Joshua is doing this well and actually seemed to be having fun, if a little nervous. He should be safe.

Elise- I'm Your Baby Tonight- She looks so uncomfortable and so unhappy! She sounds good but I just don't feel this song from her emotionally at all. Could it be that they changed her song or that hideous dress? She could be in jeopardy tonight. *Sidenote-who is the stylist for the girls this year? I haven't seen one outfit that looked good on anyone. Sheesh.

Jermaine- Knocks Me Off My Feet- I'm not familiar with this song so I hope he makes it memorable.... He sounds great, even if I don't like the song. He started well but I think the ending fell off. *The stylist for the guys needs to find a jacket to fit the big guy!

*WTH is Randy's brooch? Certainly there is some explanation, but what kind of dude wears a brooch?

Erika- I Believe In You And Me- Again, Do they have a blind styilst? That dress isn't doing her any favors and she needs some blush! The song, though? She did really great! That's how you do Whitney without tanking because you can't sound like Whitney.

Colton- (Oops! I forgot to write down the song name!) Soft and tender for Colton? Not bad, totally unexpected and when he hit the high points of the song he nailed it. I could see that being on his album. #truth Colton will have no problem going on to the next round.

Shannon- I Have Nothing- She looks really darling tonight, really age-appropriate. She did ok with this song but she's missing a bunch of notes and the timing is off. Unless there is someone that tanks, badly, then she could be at risk tonight. I'd love to see her have another chance, though.

Deandre- Master Blaster- (Not one of my favorite songs. Ugh.) He really took the advice to heart and he sounds good. He should easily go through to the next round. Yay Hair Boy!

*The guys got the good stylist. They all look good tonight. What's up with that?

Skyler- Where Do Broken Hearts Go- Wow. Just Wow. This song fits her country personality perfectly. Hands down, Best of the Night! and the judges agree with me.

Hejun- All In Love Is Fair- I'm having a hard time liking this kid. His voice doesn't seem to match him for me yet. HB#1 even thinks he stinks and stole Eban's spot. He sounds good tonight but the performance is pretty boring. He's probably safe, but he's on my short list to go.

 Hollie-All The Man That I Need- She looks very pretty tonight but what is that thing on her finger? She sounded really good, I agree that she nailed it. I do, however think that it wasn't as exciting as Skyler. Definitely safe.

Jeremy- (Missed this song title, too. Ribbons in the sky?) He doesn't seem as nervous tonight as he was last week. And he sounds good. Here's where my lack of love for Stevie kicks into high gear because the song is boring. Thank you, Randy. Exactly.

Jessica- I Will Always Love You- She did a really, really, really good job on this song. She's the only one of the group that could have done this song and she nailed it. Like REALLY nailed it. (Is 'nailed it' really adequate?) (Again with the ring? Gah! and the dress? Awful.)

Phillip- Superstition- Perfect song for him. He can totally funk it up to his style. It doesn't hurt that it doesn't sound like Stevie at all. Loved it! Best of the guys tonight.

All in all, a pretty good show tonight. Here are my top picks:

Best of the night: Skylar, Colton, Jessica, Phillip

Potentially at Risk: Elise, Jermaine, Shannon, Hejun, and Jeremy. While none of them were awful, they didn't stand out, either.

As for my prediction? I was wrong. Most of the girls did great with the Whitney songs. As a group, the guys were weaker except for Phillip and Colton.

Who are your picks?

Headless Mom

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