Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Already?

Funny how I was writing a lot and then dropped off the face of the earth, huh? Hilarious, isn't it?


Baseball happened, you know. Opening day, pancake breakfast, first game. #2 is on the 'Dodgers' this year. Blech. It's quite difficult for a life-long Angels fan to yell that with regularity. The boys lost their first game but it wasn't a blowout. Our kids looked good, so hopefully we'll have a decent season.

#1 decided not to play this year. In some ways it's sad-the end-of-an-era type of sad. I'm super proud of him though. He has taken up the piano and saxophone and is really talented musically. I think he's found his 'thing'. Next up for him is the guitar!

Both boys have, once again, made high honor roll for the trimester. (I never get tired of saying that. They're smart, those two.)


I had quite a day last week on Thursday, but that's another post. I need to document it all, but it's, amazingly, a story about good customer service, that could have gone very, very bad.


Since I'm updating about my kiddos, I have to tell you about my girl. Did I mention that she's in Israel for the semester? They are staying in Jerusalem and touring all over, a little at a time. She's had a really incredible time so far, and still has 6 weeks before she comes home. Maybe I'll convince her to loan me a couple of pics and I'll have her write a quick post for you guys so you can hear about her trip, too.


Headless Dad has has 2 major, long term projects finish up recently. While that's a relief, it somehow hasn't given him any time to relax. Not cool. He really needs some time off and he's hoping to take it next week. Maybe a 'staycation' for us this year? It sure would be nice to just be able to hang out and not have to worry about anything but getting a few things dome around the house. Dream? Maybe, but I'll keep you posted. Sometimes dreams come true!

Headless Mom


Cap'n Sam said...

Time for you all to take a break !!!

Heather E said...

Things are BUUUUUUUSSSSSYYYYYYYY in your house! But look at your kids- How awesome that they are accomplishing all of that- you must be so proud! :)

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Congrats on all the good stuff going on! Looking forward to hearing more ;) Me? My youngest is playing softball (1st time) and I've got bleacher butt. Enough said.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Honor Roll, how great is that!
Would love to see some photos. What a wonderful experience for her.
A staycation sounds perfect!
See you tomorrow :)