Monday, September 24, 2012


OK. I'll admit it.

My schedule was a flop on Thursday and Friday.

It may have been that the momentum for the week just fell off. Or I got too confident? Or, perhaps the heat? (OMG WHEN WILL IT STOP?) But I definitely didn't get as much done at the end of last week as I had planned.

Although, no one went hungry, so can I count it as a win? I think so.

Today? I'm doing ok I guess. I've been getting football work done, and after this I'm off to consult the schedule. Included is lunch, ironing, and figuring out what is for dinner. *sigh* The question that everyone in my house hates yet no one ever has an answer for. I swear, one of these days I'm going on a cooking strike and someone else will have to figure it out instead of me.

I'm not going to quit the schedule, though. They say it takes at least 21 days to develop a new habit, right? I purposely built in 'extra time' so that I would be able to work ahead or catch up. So catch up I will!!

(Saying it makes it so, right? Help a sister out, will ya?)


Could those of you that are having fall weather send some here? It's been in the 100's. Still. And will be at least 90+ for the next week. Still. Not only do I need a break, (can you say perimenopause?,) but so does my electric bill. Lately, our bill looks like we have a pool... which we do not.

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Headless Mom


Anonymous said...

Sending a little coolness and some sympathy your way from MN.

Just Margaret said...

We've been having crisp days here in NH. You should come visit. You could wear sweaters and stuff. And, the best part is you could see the disarray that is my home, and you would say, "I'm just not that bad..." And we could drink wine ;^)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It's been so hot, I sometimes will watch Skye from inside the house!
Your list will work, change takes time. Thankfully Mark takes his shirts to the cleaners and I iron as I go! See you tomorrow :)

kyooty said...

Once you say it/write it, it's golden. (seee you totally believed it right?) I'm so behind I didn't even make the list buttttttt all is not lost, I found my book that I wanted to put the list in... so we're making progress.
I willsend what I can for fall. I'll even take pics just for you.

Kathleen said...

Yes, you'll catch up! Just give it some more time, and maybe "schedule" some time to pause and reflect on your schedule so you can make adjustments without feeling like you're falling short.

Sending thoughts of cooler weather your way.