Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Eve

Prep is winding down around here. Cranberries are done. Eggs have been boiled. Breakfast casserole is in the fridge for a morning bake. Potatoes are washed. We'll have 14 for dinner tomorrow. Most everything just has to be put together and baked or crockpotted. I even have more than enough serving dishes.

This year we have so so so much to be thankful for. This year, I'm giving thanks for:
  • My husband and his great job with a great company, in an industry that, while not recession proof, is certainly resilient in these uncertain times. And, he is an amazing husband and father.
  • My daughter, who will finish college in a few short weeks, has a great job of her own; who is willing to help; who is the definition of a God-filled young woman.
  • My son, #1, who is discovering who he is through music and has a knack for things computer-related and online. He is a consientious student and a compassionate young man.
  • My son, #2, who is both a young man and child. His infectious giggle makes me smile, as does his need to be touched, snuggled, every day.
  • My parents, who, without them we couldn't be who or where we are today. They are helpful, fun, and generous, and two of the best friends I've ever had.
  • Our extended family-our brothers and sisters, nieces, cousins, aunts and uncles. What an amazing group of people we get to call family and travel this life with. While some we see more than others, there are none that are ever far from our thoughts.
  • Our community of friends. Community is the family that we choose, and how incredibly lucky that the community we have surrounded ourselves with are some top-notch human beings. Including the W family, the two R families, and my friend Debby. I couldn't do it with out them around me every day. 
  • My community of online friends. These are the (mostly) women who support me every day, from afar, and never tell me I'm doing it wrong, even when I am. I can only hope that my support of them means as much as theirs does to me.
  • Most importantly, I'm thankful for a merciful God, who forgives us, and for his son Jesus who died for us-you and me-so we could be here, at this place in time, and be a witness to his grace and for his grace. It's the greatest gift of all.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Much love, from my house to yours!


Keetha Broyles said...

And I am thankful that you MELTED THAT TRASH CAN which "glued" us together as bloggy buds.

Who ELSE can say that?

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Beautiful post and you have so many wonderful blessings to be thankful for. ((HUGS)) I am thankful for your friendship. xoxo

kyooty said...

This is a fabulous post. I'm thankful for your support. :)

Karen Rothfus said...

Awwww I feel so loved and am so grateful for you also!

Melisa said...

I have really enjoyed reading my friends' posts this week about what they're thankful for. It's so important to appreciate what we have!