Saturday, June 1, 2013

There are just some things that BEG to be blogged.

Last week I was bummed out. My annual trip to Vegas with my bowling league fell apart before my eyes. It is possibly the first time in 15 years that I haven't gone. I love this weekend. It's a great time for me to unwind, see a movie or a show, hang out with girlfriends (or sometimes my family,) and not have to do dishes. Ahem. This year I couldn't find anyone to go with me, which is a serious bummer, but with a wedding to plan and a kid in a baseball tournament I just let it go. There's always next year, right?


Last night I let the boys have some friends over and after telling them for the millionth time to turn of the Xbox, I wandered upstairs around midnight. Just as I was about to turn off the lights, a sleeping Headless Dad started to moan and make noises that indicated pain. (Understatement. And also: foreshadowing.) By the time I got to the bed he was writhing in pain, shouting about his shoulder. (Back story here, here, and here. Oh, and here. ) I tried to pull the dislocated shoulder to pop it back into place. I tried to get him up. Nothing. Or actually there was a lot more pain so I had to stop. Luckily, the boy's friend's father was still up doing some work so he came over to sit with the boys, (Thanks A&DW!!) and I called 911. The fire/paramedics got here quickly, and thankfully without sirens. Then the ambulance.

You really should have seen the activity in our bedroom. My ohmygodsomessybecausethebathroomisstillnotdone bedroom. (Note to self: CLEAN THE BEDROOM.) There were 3 firemen and 2 paramedics going back and forth around our bed trying to figure out how to move an adult man when his arm was stuck out to the side and in so much pain he couldn't move. Finally, they started an IV and gave him morphine so they could 'splint' his shoulder and get him up and out of the bed, down the stairs, and into the ambulance.

No really. What did you do on Friday night?

I learned that it's way faster to get seen if you've ridden in the ambulance. We got there around 1:30/2 in the morning, and after more pain medication, xrays, more pain meds, and some propofol, the doctors were able to get his shoulder back in place. We've ridden in this rodeo before. I could write the script and direct it by now. We make the best of it with jokes and laughter when we can. Holding hands when we can't. The nurse even commented that we must have a strong marriage by how we were bantering through the evening (morning?).

Around 4 he was discharged, and we were on our way home by way of the 24 hour pharmacy to get more pain medication for the next couple of days. At home we sent our friend on his way and made our way to bed. Just as it was getting light outside.

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,

I know that this is a wee bit out of context, but it still applies. God knew that I needed to be here last night. I can't imagine what the kids would have done had this happened if I had been in Vegas. My plans were obviously not in line with where I needed to be so He changed them. What about Headless Dad's golf tournament today? I don't know. I guess he wasn't supposed to play in it. Or maybe he wasn't supposed to be on the freeway at 6 am go get there. There are a million what-ifs but this is what I know. God knows and I believe that His plans are for us to be safe and taken care of and if He has to cancel trips to Vegas to make sure that I'm here when I'm needed, then I'm ok with that.


Anonymous said...

So happy you are both OK, and were both in town, and that morphine is legal in proper doses! Ann W. :)

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Ugh! Hope he is feeling better by now!!!

kyooty said...

I'm so glad you were there and that the friend's Dad was awake to come sit. Amazing really how all the ducks get in a row like that. Prayers for HD's shoulder.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

God always has a plan and I'm glad you were home to help HD. I missed you in Vegas.