Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I need a do-over.

After weeks of being crazy busy and days filled with all.the.things, I was looking forward to having a somewhat slower day today. Get the kids to school, drink coffee, check up on a few blogs. Rejuvenate, if you will.

My alarm went off at 5:30 to get #1 up. He made the jazz band at the junior high and they meet at 7 am on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It was a little difficult to get him up, to say the least. We were 5 minutes late leaving the house and almost late getting him to the school, which, OF COURSE, was ALL MY FAULT. Then, when starting to make #2's lunch I realized that someone(coughHDcough) had bought bread with nuts in it. For the child that has braces and isn't allowed to eat nuts. Which made me have to go to the store for more bread and deliver the lunch to the school. *Sigh*

I did get my coffee/blog reading done though, so there's that.

Then I decided to run to a department store to get a security tag removed from a sweater that I bought last week. It wasn't the same store but I thought I'd try since the other store is across town and not very convenient for such a quick trip. No dice. Their security-tag-removal-system didn't work. And, they wouldn't take my 'store cash' today so the hour I spent there was completely wasted. So I checked another store for another item that I've been looking for for weeks and they didn't have it.

Now I'm so tired that I'm afraid that if I actually sit down on the soft furniture I will fall asleep-and sleep straight through the afternoon's activities. The afternoon includes: kid pick up, orthodontist, another kid pick up, supervising kid homework and chores, and coordinating who is driving which kid to which activity. Oh, and the meeting with the photographer for the wedding is thrown in there right at 6 when one kid needs to be somewhere.

Did I mention that I completely slept through kid pick up and another dentist appointment last week? Yeah, that was me.

So, yes, a do-over would be great. How do I order? Do they take Paypal? Oh, and do I have to be awake for it?


KG said...

Ok this is utterly hilarious as I had just stumbled across a pin relating to this OF YOURS & commented on it- I think it was a sign!

At least the school principal hasnt had to call and ask what your plan was for getting your children to school on time this year... you know, because you were tardy 167 times last year (and I jest, it was only a double digit number of tardies sigh)
so we made it through the ENTIRE first week of school ON TIME!!! and the following Monday I followed up on that success by forgetting to turn my alarm on so I woke up JUST AS SCHOOL WAS STARTING, Which was Ok because my children had all woken up on time and dressed themselves & had breakfast. Oh wait no, they were all still in PJs playing video games!!
Sending you a case of virtual 5 hour energies... ENJOY! lol


kyooty said...

Is there any chance you an fit in a 15-20minute nap? It might do you wonders.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, friend. This is a rough season for you. We will send prayers from across the hill for energy, for smooth errands, for the rest that you do get to be more than enough to restore you for whatever the day brings. Ann W.