Wednesday, October 9, 2013

T Minus 2 Days

It's here Y'all.

The wedding is in 2 days. The caterers are paid, the DJ is ready. My coffee table is filled with centerpieces for 18 tables that will be delivered on Friday.

Two weeks ago I flew to Memphis to help my mother's sister move. It's been planned for a long time, and we made it work. We drove to Denver and got to my parent's house-her new house!, and I stayed for 2 days longer than we had planned. My dad had gotten pneumonia and was in the hospital and my mom had the crud. Long story short, dad is much better but not well enough to travel so they will stay home and miss the wedding. We're heartbroken, but will tape the ceremony and the important parts of the reception so we can share it all with them. (A friend is going to try to Skype the ceremony. Fingers crossed!)

So things in Colorado are ok. Things here are..... crazy, but good. I'm stressed out but that's nothing new. The house is clean, the yard is..... wet. But I know it will all be perfect for my girl.

Here we go!


Anonymous said...

Heartbroken with you for Sam and Judy. So happy for Shelby, Blake and both families joining in this sacred union. Hope this day is memorable and sweet for everyone!! Prayers for Sam's continued recovery. Bring on the wedding!
Ann W

kyooty said...

hugs! for your Mom and Dad. I'm sure they are also sorry to be missing the wedding, but isn't technology grand? When I got married 18yrs ago, my GF couldn't go to my wedding. It would have been nice to have him there. So many new ways for people to attend weddings. Congratulations to The headless Bride and Groom. :) May everyone end the weekend with their heads and hearts attached.