Monday, November 11, 2013

Just Curious- Modern Conveniences

A long time ago I used to do a series of questions titled Just Curious. Usually simple questions about simple stuff that you do, like, use, that kind of thing. Since I always need a topic or two for NaBloPoMo I thought I'd resurrect it today.

What is a first-world, modern convenience, while you know it's ridiculous, you wouldn't want to do without?

Mine is laundry products. Stain remover, fabric softener, static remover. All of it. I've become weirdly obsessed with fabric softener and laundry scent additives for my laundry. And I have used a Bounce Bar in the dryer since they were left in my hotel at BlogHer many years ago. Obsessed. I know it's ridiculous, and as recently as one generation ago (my mother!) many families were lucky to have a washing machine, much less any of these other frivolities. (Not to mention people around the world who want access to clean water. I told you it's frivolous!) Crunchy sheets dried on the line were on the beds when I visited my grandparent's house when I was a child.

So spill it. What wouldn't you want to give up?


Anonymous said...

Dishwasher. I would die under a pile of dirty dishes without it.

Anonymous said...

Air conditioning....really living in this desert climate is just H$%@ without it! Ann W.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I think your right about the laundry and having clean smelling clothes. I do enjoy air conditioning and my machine to help me clean the tile floors!

kyooty said...

Oh this is a good one, silly? hmmm for all the talk I did pre last November about cellphones being unnecessary, here I am glued to the thing. I am currently using a loaner while mine is being repaired.