Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just Write, Already

I'm so far behind I'm just going to jump in with a mishmash update. You wouldn't know it but I'm desperately missing writing right now.


A few years ago I started looking into homeschooling because my #1 was having some trouble. Not academically, but with being bored in school and some social issues. At the time he was against it and wanted to try the junior high. I was ok with that. About 3 months ago he came to us and asked if we could do it now. That's how we decided to do it. After talking to a few homeschooling friends we chose a charter, applied and started just after Christmas. All in all it's been good, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's been easy. Spending 24/7 with a 14 year old is challenging (and I'm quite sure he'd say that spending 24/7 with your mother is no cake walk either.) He is taking high school Algebra and has a tutor, because, Hello?? I'm so not your math girl. The other subjects are ok so far. Funny, my strongest subject, English, is also the subject that I'm having my most anxiety about. It's weird having to grade an essay. Really weird. I have a college degree and I can handle it, but it is daunting.

If I had known 10 years ago what I know now about the public school system in California? I would have never started my kids in the school. My kids have had some amazing teachers but I cannot tell you how excited I am to be out of our elementary school in about 3 months.


As usual, the Olympics are kicking my ass. Coverage doesn't start on the west coast until 8pm, which means that it's not over until after 11. I'm not as invested as I have been in past years and I'm trying to go to bed earlier... 10:30? Not great but it's better than 12 every night. There hasn't been anything that I've been super excited about. Well, maybe the ice dancing. That was cool to win the gold. Women's slope style skiing was weird. I have local friends that have a nephew in the biathalon. That's all I've got on the Olympics.


I watched a little bit of American Idol before the Olympics started and I'm sure I'll start watching again. Thank God Nikki Minaj is gone. No favorites yet. (That I remember anyway.) Loving Harry. He's eye candy and funny. Glad JLo is back.


HG and Mr. HG are doing great in their new city and state. Poor California girl is having to live through the coldest and snowiest winter in Colorado in memory. I guess next winter will seem like a cakewalk in comparison? She is enjoying her job, and Mr. HG is even getting a promotion soon. I guess they're doing pretty good. It's still weird that they don't live here anymore.


I bought my ticket for BlogHer in July. I can't wait to see everyone. It's sometimes hard to believe that I haven't been to that conference in almost 3 years. Let me know if you're going too! I still don't know what the guys are doing while I'm gone. I suppose they'll figure it out at some point. Camping or 4 wheeling, probably. Or both?


Related to travel, point #1: This weekend I'll be taking the boys to Las Vegas to visit with Shannon and her family. They have been driving Route 66 and are having a great trip so far. Check out her update on 100 Routes Across America, and watch for a Vegas update with the Headless family! I just realized that Shannon and I have been friends for at least 5 years. I can't wait for the kids to finally meet-they've been friends for almost that long over skype and playing online video games and it will be the first online friends that they've gotten the chance to meet in person.

Related to travel, point #2: Next month #1 and I get to go with a group from the junior high to DC and NYC. We get do do almost everything in both places. The itinerary is insane. We land at about 3 pm and will do 3 or 4 monuments that night. All day and night in DC for 4 solid days. We will at least see all of the major landmarks in NYC. We will skate on the plaza! We will see Wicked. It's going to be exhausting but very cool.


Do you remember that I started reading my bible back in September? I read the entire New Testament, and read Revelation twice. I started the Old Testament back in January and just finished Leviticus. Heavy stuff, but such an example of why we need a savoir. I'm so glad mine is Jesus.


Well friends, there's the brain dump you've all been waiting for. (Or not.) Bug me if I don't update again soon. For reals. I've missed you.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Thanks for the updates. I tape the Olympics so I can FF the commercials which helps. I've been enjoying them but now I seem to find myself speeding everyone up! Idol has been amazing this year, revamped and fun to watch. Harry is the new Simon and gets booed all the time but I like his honesty. Enjoy your weekend.

Ann Woodruff said...

So nice to read here again....have missed reading a piece of you and what your writing has to say about you! Loved hearing from you here and on the phone today!

kyooty said...

Great to see you dump! :) the homeschooling sounds wonderful,especially in that you have a support system. Enjoy Blogher. I will not make it again. I guess I just have to own up to the fact that I don't want to be away from my kids. I'm a wuss. I'm sure this will bite me in the ass later in life when I'm an empty nester?
Miss you! :)