Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Vegas Overview-With Teenagers!

 I mentioned that we were heading to Vegas a few weeks ago, yes? We were meeting my lovely friend Shannon and her family. The weekend started with a road trip to the Hoover Dam on the Nevada/Arizona state line. I think I may have done this as a child but have zero recollection of it at all. It was really amazing. Did you know that the dam itself is not attached to the surrounding canyon walls at all? If you're ever in the area it is worth taking the long tour. I'm sure we'll be going back some time since, at the last minute, Headless Dad wasn't able to go.

On Saturday night we went to Bacio Restaurant in the Tropicana. Headless Dad and I discovered it last year on our weekend getaway and it is still delicious. We give it 4 stars!

 On Sunday morning we started on the south end of the strip at the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium. The kids really loved it. As you can see, my HB#2 got to get his hands wet and touch the rays. It was a nice exhibit; the pace was perfect for a lazy Sunday morning. Even this old broad learned a few things!

One of my favorite things to see in Las Vegas is the lobby of the Bellagio hotel. Below is the ceiling near the check-in desk. Those are giant Murano Glass disks bolted to the ceiling, with lights behind them. Truly stunning.

 Even the tile floors in the Bellagio are a sight to see. Can you tell that this is an intricate mosiac? I just love it. Someday when I win the PowerBall I am going to have someone do this at my house. Anywhere will do: entry way, bathroom, back patio.... All of the above?

And of course, you haven't seen Vegas until you've seen the water show. It is spectacular day or night. (Click on the Bellagio website for a preview of what it looks like at night.)

 We visited the Paris hotel, a first time for me. Although we didn't see much of it, we did use the bathrooms here and if the rest of the hotel and casino is as detailed as the sinks? Definitely a place to return to and explore a little more. Shannon took her daughter up in the Eiffel Tower and said that the views were amazing!

We had walked the bulk of the day so by the time we hit Paris we were all pooped. The boys wanted to swim so we headed back to our hotel. After swimming we went out to grab dinner and fulfill another promise to the boys. A second ride on the roller coaster at NYNY. It really is a great coaster, but Shannon's 9yo daughter wasn't pleased the first time so she didn't go a second time. I cannot believe I didn't get a picture of this!!

Since it was an early night, the boys decided that "While in Vegas, do what Las Vegans do"... (or something like that.) They pulled out the playing cards, bought Tic Tacs to bet with, and played poker. Shannon and I loved hearing their laughter while we had a glass of wine.

It was such a fun weekend and it even got my #1's highest approval rating of: "Best Weekend Ever." I'll take it!

Thanks Shannon for suggesting this-Let's do it again soon!

If you'd like to follow Shannon's family adventures, check out her blog 100 Routes Across America.


Shannon Entin said...

Wow - best weekend ever? We feel honored! It was SO much fun.

kyooty said...

This is one place I'd love to see. I don't know that I'd enjoy it with teens though but after reading your post? I may have to rethink my thoughts.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The Murano Glass is one of my favorite too! Glad you had such a nice trip.