Monday, September 1, 2014

People of BlogHer '14

It was a great weekend in San Jose! The following are people that I had the pleasure of meeting during the conference, in no particular order. Long, long overdue. My apologies.

Simply Recipes Elise Bauer

Samantha from Airplane Rides and Guacamole Sides Samantha has an amazing story. I won't ruin it for you here but you want to read her. She is inspiring!

Destiny from  Suburban Wife, City Life

Kendra from Simply{Darr}

Williesha from Nerdy Thirtysomething Life

Lexi from La Primera (How on earth had we not met before? If we have, I don't recall and I'm a jerk but after all of these years being friends online it was great to see you in person! Even if we had to go to Northern California to do it.)

Kimberly from Manifest Yourself

Nellie from Brooklyn Active Mama

The Ginger Warrior

Salma from The Write Balance 

Bridget from Saving My Sanity

Sharon from Midlife Boulevard I can't wait to dive in here a little more!

Finally, I had the honor of hearing Libby Kranz speak at the Listen to Your Mother Open Mic night. Her daughter Jennifer recently passed away from a brain tumor and now Libby, and other family and friends are fighting pediatric cancers. Please visit their website Unravel Pediatric Cancer where you can find out about their nonprofit efforts and read more about Libby, Jennifer, and their family on the Love4JLK blog, linked on that page. Beautiful.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

This was fun, thanks for sharing each one of them. I put several into my Feedly account so I can check them out further. Glad you had a great time at BlogHer!

Elise said...

So glad to meet you too! Wasn't that a great conference?

Kendra HeadlessMom said...

Yes, BlogHer is always fun!