Saturday, August 30, 2014

This book begs for the fireplace.

You know how some books beg to be read on a beach with a big, floppy hat shading your eyes? This is not one of those books. Reverie, by Christina Yother is the kind of book to be read by the fireplace with a cup of tea. Perhaps while there is a snowstorm outside. (Does that make me weird?)(Don't answer that.)

Reverie is the story of Hetty, an orphan, who ages out of the orphanage in her Montana hometown and begins to make her way in life. Soon the Wheeler family needs her help on their ranch and Hetty begins to feel things for Issac, one of the Wheeler sons. Issac is the perfect brooding Leading Man. Responsible, loving, and troubled.

I loved this story. Granted, I love a good romance, but there were twists in the plot that I honestly didn't see coming. I like that in a novel. While I read this in the summer it would be a perfect addition to your winter reading list. Hence, the fireplace. And the tea. (The book isn't for the fireplace under any circumstances.) The other thing I love about this book is that it is part of a 3 book series called Hollow Hearts. I love reading books that have recurring characters; for me, it makes it easier to get into the story when I'm already invested in it. Christina's second novel, Reliance, will be released on October 7th, the second of the trilogy. I can't wait to dive into the story of Elias, the second Wheeler brother.

Where to buy:

Reverie on Amazon
Reverie on Barnes and Noble
Other places to buy can be found at Christina's website

Reliance will be available soon-believe me, I'll let you know!

While Christina is a friend of mine, my review is all my own. I received a copy of the book for review purposes.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

It sounds like a book I would like and your review is excellent! I will go put it in my cart on Amazon now.

Ann Woodruff said...

Would you recommend for teen readers? I have a teen reader who also loves a good series and will invest in a series.

Kendra HeadlessMom said...

Yes Ann! It is a Christian novel and would be excellent for teen girls. Not sure that boys would enjoy it though. ;-)