Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Long Train Home To You

If you follow Mir at all, you've heard about being a Marching Band parent. Ahem, ENTERTAINMENT CORPS. Excuse me. Everything she has said about her kid's experience is pretty much the same around here but what she can't tell you is our schedule. My 14 year old does the following every.week. Check it out:

Monday: At school for zero period at 7 am, school from 8-3, private sax 3:30, piano 6-7 pm, plus homework (varies)

Tuesday: Zero period, 7am, school 8-3, band practice 3-6, homework

Wednesday: Zero period 7am, school 8-3, homework

Thursday: Zero period 7 am school 8-3, band 3-6, homework

Friday: (no zero period), late start day at school 9-3, some weeks are practice after school.

Saturday: AM: band practice or fund raiser, PM: competitions, call time typically 3 or 4 pm, busses return home around 11, give or take.

This doesn't include the 5 football games that were on either Thursday or Friday nights. Oh, and for every competition and football game you must also factor in loading and unloading the trailers of instruments, uniforms, and props.

I have never seen a teen work this hard, and I was a cheer mom for more than a few years. These kids are intense. They also have a lot of fun, but make no mistake, these kids work HARD. My #1 is my hero, really. He is away from home for more than half of his waking hours, and when he is home he is either sleeping, eating or doing mounds of Honors homework. And he's making mostly A's. On Sunday I have no problem with him sleeping most of the day as long as he gets his homework done. Honestly, he doesn't even have time for any social life outside of band and the one other club that he is in. I'm floored at the dedication that these kids have.

Well, watch for yourself. The whole video is about 10 minutes long, and they are still adding details to their show, but it's really amazing. Especially watch for 2 things: an extra skinny sax player, and the 'backwards' section-they march without a drum major on the back side of the field. Super impressive. The best part? They have gotten 1st or 2 nd in all of their competitions so far and could make it to the finals! We have our fingers crossed going in to the last 2 regular competitions of the season. Wish him luck!!

*Today's post title is actually the title of their field show. Just so you don't think I'm a total nutcase.

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kyooty said...

Let me try this again. 3rd attempt. I keep clicking that darnn sign out button.
It's amazing what Teens can accomplish in a week. It's because he has such a wonderful support system! Kudos to you and your family. :)