Tuesday, November 4, 2014

5 Things

Since I don't have an original bone in my body, I will be copying Melisa again today. Several bloggers have done this so if you haven't then you need to get on the bandwagon! Also like Melisa, I'm going to focus on my childhood. It's easier that way.

  1. I used to sing all.the.time. Like, every car ride, in my room, in the shower, in the store, everywhere. Seeing it was the 70's, I sang a lot of Emmylou Harris, Sonny and Cher, Donny and Marie. It drove by brother CRAZY. 
  2. As a child I wanted to grow up to be a stewardess (flight attendant,) or a teacher. 
  3. I learned some basic sign language when I was little and built on it over my lifetime. I was interested because my father had a few cousins that were deaf. Even my favorite babydoll had "I Love You" hands.
  4. When I was about 8 we were visiting relatives on the farm in Arkansas. Walking in the pasture, I stepped into a fresh cow patty. In my brand new, favorite sassy red sandals. I was really pissed.
  5. My best friend and next door neighbor ran away when we were about 5. We got about 3 blocks away before we started crying and went home. I don't think anyone even knew we were gone.
What about you? What random things do you remember from your childhood? I won't tag anyone but let me know if you join in the fun!!


kyooty said...

I'm sure back then you just couldn't cross the street? I can remember going to play with other kids at a young age. It's amazing now though how our parents will comment that our children are too young? HA! 5 things?" a good idea.

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

I'm picturing you at 8 wearing red sassy shoes in a cow pasture. ...adorable!

Melisa Wells said...

Once I ran away from home...to the picnic table in the backyard. :)