Monday, November 3, 2014

Reliance by Christina Yother

In August I told you about the book Reverie by my friend Christina. Remember that it was book 1 in a series? Hold on to your hats, folks, Reliance is even better! And just in time for the holidays!

Reverie was the story of Hetty and Isaac, and learning to love and build a family on trust. Reliance revisits Hollow, Montana and tells the story of Isaac's brother Elias. It's been 5 years since we left Hollow and Elias is ready for a wife, and mother for his daughter Lottie. As a mail-order bride, Rebecca comes to Hollow to hide from her past as well as make a few life for herself.

Like Reverie, Reliance had a few plot twists that I was not expecting. (And to be completely honest, for a sophomore effort, I'm hugely impressed by this!) I can see Christina's growth as an author-there is a better flow to this story than in her previous effort, and a greater depth of character. (Don't forget, I did love the first book!) I loved the people that showed up in book one and in book 2, which makes me wonder... Who will book 3 be about? Will it be Lottie all grown up and falling in love? Will it be the sweet-but-quiet boy in town that was jilted by Hetty? I can't wait for spring and Hollow Hearts #3!

If you buy TODAY! Both Reliance and Reverie are on sale at Amazon for $1.99 each, so act fast! And, if you have read one or both of these books would you leave a review on Amazon? The reviews really help authors, especially new authors!

To learn more about Christina, find more retailers in your area, or to contact her for a book signing our book club event, please visit her website at For up-to-the-minute updates on her newest releases or where she will be appearing next (you lucky Georgia folks!) follow Christina on Facebook.

While Christina is a friend of mine, my review is all my own. I received a copy of the book for review purposes.

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