Sunday, November 2, 2014

My Favorite Cities

I'm totally going to answer Melisa's question first. Mostly because she took the time to ask and it's an easy one for me to answer.

If you could live somewhere else and it HAD to be a city in which you've never resided before, where would it be?
I think my first choice would be Boston. I've never lived there, but did spend quite a bit of time there when I was just out of college for my first job. I love the architecture; I could walk the streets for hours just looking at the brownstone buildings and cobblestone streets. I never understood history quite like I did when I was there. I love the seasons there, even the cold! I love the diversity-the intellectual, the scientific, the cosmopolitan, the suburban. I have a soft-spot for the Atlantic ocean and love the east coast.

If the time spent there would disqualify me from Boston then I would probably choose Charleston for many of the same reasons. The beaches there feel like home to me even though I'm a west coast girl by birth. I'm not sure you could learn everything there is to learn about either one of these east coast cities. I learn something new every time I go there.

If you further qualified your question to only foreign cities then I'd probably be stumped. I love London and have spent enough time there to feel quite comfortable. I love the history and tradition of the Royal family; it's fascinating to me. I could live there but I would hate to limit myself. There are several other European cities that are definitely on my Bucket List, and I would love to go back to Singapore someday.

But, really Melisa? I want to live in Denver. I've never actually lived in Denver proper, so it qualifies. There are beautiful old streets that have unbelievable homes with giant trees and a view of the most beautiful mountains on the planet. There are sports teams and the symphony, and museums, and miles and miles of trails for biking/walking. It's where my heart is.


Melisa Wells said...

Haha, first of all, nice overthinking of my question. *snort*
Second, I knew you'd find a way to get Colorado in there; I just wanted to see how you'd do it. :)

Kendra HeadlessMom said...

Wanna know something funny? I totally didn't even think of it until I was editing this post--I almost published at the end of the Charleston section!! That's why I love writing-I process things while I write that I don't think I'd ever arrive at if I just thought/talked about it.

kyooty said...

ohhhhhhhh Boston!! yes! I'd like to live there too. I have been a number of times as we used to live only but an hour away (*rushhourish).

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

I've never been to Charleston, or Denver, or London, need a traveling partner?

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I've never been to Boston but I think I would love it there. Of course I loved London and would love to live there. Of course I know your heart is in Colorado and I hope you get to live their someday!