Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday 10

I'm stealing borrowing this idea from Sam over at Airplane Rides and Guacamole Sides. Her Tuesday 10 this week is really good. Hop on over and read it--it's about her 1 arm problems: I laughed and learned something! So Sam, I hope it's ok that I join in the fun this week!

TUESDAY 10: (Unlike Sam, I'm not going to follow a theme this week. Maybe next time? Random it is!)

  1. My glasses are filthy. They are scratched. The nose pads need to be replaced. 
  2. I think this winter is going to be brutal. Not in the way you might think... I'm hot all.the.time. and I'm afraid that I'm going to love the cooler weather but my family may not be as happy about open windows as I will. 
  3. I desperately need a pedicure. I have 2 month old chipped polish on them. Remember, I live in the land of Sandals All Year. *sigh*
  4. I bought the cutest pair of boots last week. I've worn them twice. Not nearly as comfortable as I'd like. Bummer.
  5. I had such a fun lunch with Caryn yesterday! It's fun to be able to hang out with a fellow blogger on a semi-regular basis.
  6. My laptop is getting ready to die. A new one isn't in the budget right now. Remind me to run a back up, please??
  7. I haven't checked if I got unfriended yesterday. Should I or shouldn't I? Did you?
  8. We have a big weekend coming up. I'll post about that later!
  9. My HG is sick. Far, far away from home. Sorry, baby! (Don't you remember the first time you were sick after you moved away from home? It sucks.)
  10. My kids have the whole week off for Thanksgiving and I CANNOT.WAIT. 
Wow. My random kinda sucked. Oh well, Day 18=Done!


Shelby Maloney said...

Only check the friend thing if you can't quit thinking about it!

And yes, being sick sucks!

kyooty said...

Another great idea! :) November is filling up. I mised 1 post so far this month. Healing thoughts for the HG!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I had my toes done on Thursday after our lunch. Run a back-up....this is your reminder!
Enjoy this week with no school and Happy Thanksgiving.