Wednesday, November 19, 2014

TV Fail

(Can you tell that I'm mostly writing at night when our tv is on? Yeah, I'm that blogger.)

Most evenings that we end up in front of the television (which isn't many,) my husband has decreed that he is in charge of the remote. As you could see in what we have in the DVR, my tastes are very 'broadcast'. My husband, on the other hand, leans toward cable.

Currently, as I type, we are watching "Dude, You're Screwed" about 4 military/survivalist friends that kidnap each other and drop them in the middle of nowhere. Cool show, until the guy skins a bird that he killed. At the exact moment that I looked up from my computer. Another of his favorites lately is "Moonshiners" and some fishing show where the guy is in the Amazon searching for some giant man-eating fish. Often if I can't find him I'll look in the garage and he'll be watching "Bizarre Foods," which always makes me want to hurl. I even caught him watching "Hoarders" the other night. He can't wait for the Anaconda to swallow that guy. BARF!

No wonder I sit here on my computer all night. Just remind me not to look up at the screen!


kyooty said...

I'm doing the same right now but hubbie is studying in the cave.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Mark watched a lot of those cable shows. Maybe I should go on my computer at night instead of during the day so I can sit near him. We never watch TV together unless it is a Netflix movie and I love having my own DVR!