Friday, August 28, 2015

Dipping My Toes in the Water

Yesterday was a big day for me, and it had little to do with the craziness of the kid's schedules.

I started working again.

It's been 16 years since I've had a paying job at an actual place of business. (Blogging has been fun and all but it has never, as much as I might have wished it would, paid any bills for me.) The last time I had a job I was on my feet at a restaurant while pregnant with #1 and I resigned in August  of 1999 in anticipation of spending my days as a SAHM.

16 years is a long time, yo.

While my current gig is only part-time, I fully expect it to blossom into more work in the coming months and years. With #1 turning 16 and taking over some (all?) of his own driving to and from events, and college expenses looming in the near future, it was time.

My current position is a part-time teacher at the Encounter school at my church. I am teaching Communications and Social Media/e-communication from now through most of September. Yesterday was my first day and I was so nervous! Mostly because I hadn't been in front of a class like that in so long but also because the material that I had been given can be super dry and boring if you're not careful. Not to mention that it was written for business and I needed to alter it for a college/ministry setting! I have spent many hours this summer reviewing material, searching YouTube for the perfect clips, and finding fun ice breaker games to help ensure that the classes that I teach are fun and informative.

Did I succeed? Early feedback says yes. I'm going to hold off on my final self-evaluation until my month is up, but I certainly feel much better about my preparation and delivery after class yesterday.

I don't know exactly what the future holds but I'm believing that God has given me this first step and is opening the door for more. I can't wait!


Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

Way to go! Looking forward to cheering you on!

Shelby Maloney said...

You've taught me a whole lot in the past 18 years (you've been my mom for 18 years!!); you have more teaching experience than you realize!

kyooty said...

Congratulations to you for getting back to it. I am very scared. I'm "retired" 17yrs 1998. I went to the USA and didn't work, so it just went from there.