Monday, October 5, 2015

No Apologies

I am blessed, and I know it.

I have an amazing husband who works his tail off to provide me and our children with everything that we need and more. Much more. He adores me, and shows me. Is our marriage perfect? Absolutely not. We both make mistakes but in the end we both CHOOSE to love, honor, and respect one another.

Our children are successful. Our daughter married the man of her dreams and they are building a wonderful life together-on their own. Our sons are successful students and excel in their chosen extra-curricular activities. All 4 of these young adults work so incredibly hard for their success. Do they stumble and make mistakes? Of course. They are young. Still growing and developing. Learning. They do their best to correct their mistakes when they can.

I may not be the perfect mother or wife, in anyone's eyes, but I rise before the sun and retire after my family. I strive every single day to ensure that the people that live under my roof are fed well, have a clean environment, have clean clothes, and are 'fed' spiritually.

There is a war going on in our world and our culture. Sometimes the attack is obvious and loud; sometimes subtle. Covert, even. Make no mistake, Evil attacks from many directions, mostly when we're not looking. Taking a stand for what is True and Right is, amazingly frowned upon in our country. But Evil will not win.

I am on my knees daily for those I love, sometimes literally. (Some days my knees can't handle it, but that's ok.) I serve a Big God, whose Son, Jesus died that I might have life. Do I still sin and make mistakes? Sure. We all do, but I don't try to. I will not apologize for the blessings that we have, for every Good Thing comes from our Father above. We love the Lord and he blesses us. Full Stop. My heart is full and overflowing with gratitude every day that He has chosen to bless us. If those blessings are taken from us tomorrow, we will still serve Him.

Let me repeat: We are blessed. We know it, and know where our blessings come from. There will be no apologies for that. You can hate us if you want, or be jealous of what we have, or stop following our story. Fine. I still won't apologize.


Ann Woodruff said...

Beautiful. Our God has blessed us with His love and care and our individual blessings. Thank you so much for the reminder of this this morning. Thanks be to God.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Amen! Very well said Kendra. Our God is an awesome God.....