Saturday, November 28, 2015

Big Day

It was a big day for the Headless Boys!

HB#1 turned 16 today. I cannot believe that. It feels surreal. Every day I realize more and more that the years are so short. He will get his license in a couple of weeks. License! Time travel totally feels like a thing.

Thing about HB#1 is that he is smart, driven, and talented. He loves Jesus. He is sweet, compassionate, and kind. And we are so, so proud of him. We will have a proper birthday for him next weekend when his mouth doesn't hurt so badly from his ortho appointment on Wednesday.

HB#2 played in the biggest game of his youth football career today. He had an incredible game. Both teams scored 8 points in the first quarter, and then none the rest of the game. Into OT we went. (The rules of OT in this league are weird. 4 downs from the 10 yard line, each team gets a chance.) The other team had the ball first and scored. Attempted to run for 2 and we stopped them. Then we got the ball. We used our 4 downs but made the TD. Tied at 14. And our kicker made the PAT for the win! Next stop: the Super Bowl/Championship in two weeks.

It's been a long week capped off by an amazing day for my guys. I'm pooped!

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy Birthday to HB#1. Driving????? Now the worries begin!!!! I pray everyday for my kids on the road, asking for God to keep evil out of their way. How exciting for HB#2!
Way to go! Some exciting moments ahead for you and your family.