Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Progress, Y'all!

Just yesterday I was lamenting the state of my house. While there are 3 areas in serious need of attention, (I literally piled the decorations onto the existing crap. Don't judge.) I made progress in a few areas today!

First and foremost, I bought a new Christmas tree. I scored, bigtime. A few weeks ago I had checked Hobby Lobby to see what they had. At the time, the tree that I wanted was 40% off. Thinking that I would check a few more places, I didn't buy it. I checked online yesterday and noticed that their Christmas stuff was now 50% off. Score!

This morning I headed out pretty early. Well, for me anyway. I thought that I was only going to grab the tree. Heh. I grabbed the tag for the tree and a few, ok several, other things and went to check out. Turns out, the tree I had chosen was sold out. Except for the floor model. (Seriously? Mark it or take the tags out of the holder.) Since it had been out and picked over I only told them that I would take it if they gave me more of a discount. They did! I ended up getting a $600 tree for about $250. Love that! And, it's 9 feet tall-perfect for our living room with a vaulted ceiling.

The best part of the tree though was when HD went to pick it up. He called me after almost having a heart attack at seeing the price on the box. He was not happy. Then he saw the receipt. And praised my bargain shopping and negotiating skills. ;-)

I also put away several boxes. Getting there!

I also got more Christmas shopping done! Yippee!!!!! I'm feeling pretty on top of things so far this holiday. Don't hate me. I'm certain it won't last for the next 4 weeks so I'll enjoy it now, mmmmkay?


kyooty said...

I caught a 3 for 50.00 hoodie sale, but so far no other shopping has been done. I tell the kids every year I want a star. A star that lights up. I'm sure some year it will happy and we will find one.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Way to go on the tree!!! So glad for the progress your making. When you done you can come over and help me. Just kidding, I know you would do that because your so sweet that way.