Monday, November 9, 2015

The Cool Part of the Internet

Earlier tonight I was scrolling through Facebook and someone's avatar caught my eye. It was a picture of my sorority's badge. Huh. That's weird. OK, not really, considering today was our Founder's Day, but weird because it wasn't anyone I knew and our 1 mutual friend wasn't in our sorority.

So I sent her a message. I assumed that it would probably go to the "Other" mailbox. You know, where the creepers try to send you a million bucks and normal messages go to die? I had a reply in my inbox almost immediately! Turns out she was in a colony class the year that I traveled for the sorority so we have at least one other mutual friend. She's a blogger.  I think we messaged for at least 30 minutes. I bet if we got on the phone together we would talk for an hour before either one of us came up for air.

Meeting Michelle was all of the things that are right with the internet. Mutual friends and interests, plus being nice, equals good experiences all around.

Some days I love the internet.

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