Tuesday, November 1, 2016

3 Posts? Oh 2016, I'm so glad you're almost over.

I just realized that until today, I had only posted all of 3 times so far this year. 3 Posts. Sorry. I continually say that I'll post more but don't. While I have no excuse for the beginning of the year, since April, I do.

On April 5th my father passed away. He was diagnosed with colon cancer back in 2012. He had a successful surgery, 9 long months of chemo in 2013, and was clear for a couple of years after that. He, my mom, and aunt took a "bucket list" trip in April of 2015- a Panama canal cruise. In January of this year he started chemo again for a couple of 'spots' that his oncologist wanted to zap before they got too big, but he didn't tolerate the treatment well. My family visited for spring break last March since he was feeling so crappy. He entered the hospital on March 24 for fluids to help rebuild his strength. It didn't, and he passed a little over a week later. (If you would like to read more about my father this is his obituary.)

The death of my father has been a crushing weight to bear. It is the first time that I have lost someone this close to me. He was such a great father. I always knew that he had my back. He always told me that I was beautiful. He was proud of my husband and my children, and made a point to have a relationship with each of them, right where they were.

I was so blessed to have him. My wish for you is that you have a man in your life, whether it's your father or a father figure, that is just like him. He was loving, social, funny, but most of all generous- with his love, his money, his time, and his home. What a great example.

I could write more, but there seems to be something in my eye.....


Shelby Maloney said...

Someone seems to be cutting onions in my office.

Susan Osborn said...

Making me cry too. Your father was a great man!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

((Hugs)) I know this was not an easy post for you to write.
Love you Kendra and your dad was right....you are beautiful!