Monday, November 7, 2016

The Let Down

After the excitement of the last 4 days, today was a total let down. No HG to chat with over coffee, no other family members stopping by. No planes to catch. Y'all, I'm tired!

We kept the secret of her arrival from #2. She came in on Thursday, the day of his final freshman football game, against her alma mater. He hates secrets and surprises. Heh. Except he also didn't have much of a reaction. Jerk. Although during pregame warm ups, he did look at her in the stands and smile and laugh. I guess that's about as much as we'll get out of him. It was a fun game-his team won their league with a 9-1 season!

Friday was a lazy day, but a busy night. We had coffee and talked, and talked. Then in the evening we went to get #2, ate, delivered him back to his school for the varsity football game. Then! Went to #1's high school to watch his marching band play at the varsity football game. Then! Went to get #2 and his girlfriend, took them to get ice cream, then took her home. We were pooped.

Saturday started lazy too, and thanks to HD, it was tasty as well! My niece, and brother in law and sister in law came to see HG and we all had lunch together before #1 had to leave for a marching band competition. Later in the day we went to see them perform (she had never been to one,) and went to dinner before HD had to go to work all night.

Holy cow I'm tired just writing it all out and I haven't even detailed Sunday yet. (Another day!)

It was such a treat to have her here! Her brothers never get enough of her, and neither do we.

Sidenote: We missed her husband this weekend but I'm not sure he missed us. He was in Moab, camping with a friend!

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

Life seems to be filled with the excitement of events and then the let down sinks in when it is over. ((Hugs)) Sounds like it was a great visit.