Sunday, October 7, 2007

Lounge-Around Sunday Morning

I did not go to church today. This is very unusual for me-I think that it is important to hear the message, to be with other believers, and I especially love the worship time. I just couldn't do it today. The last 6 weeks have been so busy and stressful I needed a few hours to rest and re-group.

Then it's back to the list. You know, the mental to do list that keeps us moms in perpetual motion? Grocery list and shop, finish laundry and put away, clean a bathroom, blah, blah, blah. Then there is the secondary list that includes birthday shopping for 2 Headless kids, getting hair done, going through Headless Boy 1 & 2's stuff and generally organizing/throwing out the extra CR**.

Oh, this is the one I love.....Must get to that bathroom that I'm remodeling-

You know the one- planned in fall '06, down to the budget, asked for gift cards for Christmas so I could do it in all of my free time of spring and summer '07. Removed the doors, drawers, hardware to refinish the cabinet, stripped said doors and drawers, cut down huge '80's mirror. That's when school started, and the air conditioner went out, and Headless Dad injured his back, and.....HA here we are in October.

So, here we are back to why I'm here today instead of at church. I think that I'll go have another cup of coffee and try to get motivated.

Great is our God who understands the occasional need for a lounge-around Sunday morning!

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