Monday, November 5, 2007

When to get involved?

I have an awesome teenager-the Headless girl-that is having a tough time right now. Her so-called best friend is a jerk and I found out that her mom (supposedly a friend of mine) is making ugly remarks-that also have to do with me, Headless Dad, and our parenting choices/rules.

My dilemma-Do I go with my Mama-bear instinct and say something to the mom? or do I say nothing? If I say something ,what do I say that won't make things worse for HG?-Or myself (I see this woman every week).

I really try not to get too involved in the teenage girl drama thing because I watch the moms that do and they look SOOOOO foolish. Plus, HG needs to have her own life and 'fight her own battles', if you will. But this one is hitting rather close to home.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I really need help on this one!

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Carmen said...

Nice blog. ;)

I think, as much as you can, ignore both the mom and the kid. As well as the situation. The more attention you give any of those things, the more they will consume your energy and time.

Trust me, I know.