Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What was accomplished?

Not much. Every day I start with a long list and only a few things get done. Today I finished shopping for the rest of the out of towners but only got 1 package in the mail. Tomorrow will be the other 2 and I have to start baking for the scout bake sale on Friday night. I will also have to order some party trays (the term is used loosely) for a funeral thing on Sat.-just hours before I have to be at Headless Dad's work Christmas party. At least Headless Girl can babysit now, otherwise I would have been trying to get someone to watch my Headless boys;not an easy task.

And you ask why I'm headless? It's the chicken, my friends...

Oh, and on another note Headless girl had big news but I'll blog about that another day. But it totally deserves a "You go girl!"

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