Friday, May 23, 2008

God is Gracious

Look at what we have! It doesn't rain very much around here, and it rained all day yesterday, and so far, all day today, and the forecast calls for rain for much of tomorrow as well.

Quite a change from last weekend when we were setting records with the heat.

Also last week we were starting to have fires very close to us. (One right over the mountain behind our house, as a matter of fact.) This gift from God will fill the local reservoirs where the helecopters got their water to put the fires out. He is gracious and good to provide for us in our time of need.

The first picture above is the back yard through the rain on the window.

The next picture is just about the same view, with the slider open. I thought you might be able to see how much water there is-not quite.

The third picture is my welcoming committee. My darling ducks. Look closely though-there is much standing water in my front planter-this is the back side of the planter, under the roof.

The final picture really tells the story. The planter box is about to over flow.


Keetha said...

Normally here in IN we get LOTS of rain - - - If I'd realized you were "short" on some, I would have GLADLY sent it your way!!!! :-)

I'm just helpful like that.

Anonymous said...

Mother nature is great! I love the way that the Earth works correctly and rains when needed.