Thursday, June 26, 2008

Class of 2008

To catch you folks up on what we've been up to, and treat you to the missing pictures, I give you the Class of 2008-anticipating their walk into the stadium:

It was a beautiful afternoon- actually way cooler than we thought that it would be. (June evenings can actually be brutal here.) There was a great breeze, clear skies (save the smog you see grazing the horizon,) and perfect temperatures. Below is the processional of the 750 or so graduates:
Since we are headless you'll have to imagine the pride, honor, happiness, and relief in all of our faces. Why change things now?

In all seriousness, we are so happy for Headless Girl. She is a tremendous young woman, strong in her faith and convictions, and more than ready for all that college- and life! have to offer. Her father and I are so lucky that God chose us to be her parents. I learn from her almost every day.You should all be so lucky as to have a daughter like her.

Congrats, my Headless Girl. I know that God has great plans for your future!

Headless Mom


Kendrawolf said...

Congrats! It's not easy seeing a child through to adulthood now days. Good job Mom!

The Andrus' said...

Congratulations! I can't believe you now have a graduate! Is she now moving on to SigKap?

Sam said...



That's...wasn't that about the enrollment at our entire high school? :)

Amy in Ohio said...


Jozet at Halushki said...

Congratulations! And well done, Mom. I know that kiddo did the work, but you gave the support. Well done.