Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Needed: Editor

Did you see this story?

License plates in North Carolina have been printed and distributed with "WTF-###"


Now that will cure your funky mood any day!

Headless Mom


Missy said...

Ha! That is awesome. I want one.

Queen B said...

That is so funny!!

Karen said...

Not only did I see it, but I've come up with some of my own acronyms. Check out my blog for the list:

The Andrus' said...

That's hilarious; where can I get one?

Keetha said...

The story says they gave her a new plate - - - I'd want a new plate too.

I'm embarrassed enough about my plate - - - - it says PAY (following three numbers)

I've had plenty of smart remarks about THAT.

Ramblin' Red said... it!

Connie said...

That is great!