Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BlogHer '08 from MPOV- Part One

(MPOV=My Point Of View)

I really wanted to start this post right- with pictures! But alas, my camera cord has disappeared into the abyss that is my schwag (I think,) and there are no pictures from me. Believe me, there will be pictures at some point, and you can find them all over the internet, and even at flicker or snapfish-I think both places are hosting BlogHer pic streams if you're interested.


The People's Party started a little rough for me. (You'll remember that I had quite a workout when I got to San Fran...). I had to walk in alone, which was ok, but I was a little early and there weren't many people there yet. Cool thing was that since there was so many of us just milling around that we started to introduce ourselves and trade cards.

Like so many others have said, the cards were paramount. I almost felt like an 8 year old with a Pokemon stash at school just waiting for recess to see my friends to make the ultimate trade. "Ooh! I got a MommyBits! Trade ya for a MomTwoBoys..."

When I walked up to the door, Jenny, The Bloggess, was manning the door. In lieu of saying anything I handed her my schwag. After a few seconds of confusion she screamed "Oh my God! Headless Mom!" So, in retrospect, the schwag was quite a hit. Her Headless Mom doll even made it to her cleavage. Did your schwag make it to the Bloggess' cleavage? I think not.

So there is the first night. I really met a ton of people, many of whom I never would have EVER stumbled upon on my own. The cards will come in handy-I have pledged to myself to go through them and visit all of you no matter how long it takes. I met some really amazing people, heard others speak, and unfortunately missed a few of my favorites.

That was really the only disappointment of the whole weekend.

Headless Mom


Sam said...

That's awesome that she got who you were from the doll. :)

Can't wait to hear more.

Mike said...

Aah...the cards. Heather is swimming in them right now!

heather said...

I have so many cards, yet somehow I didn't get one from you! OR your awesome schwag. But at least I got to spend time with you, so I think I still came out a winner.

When is our SoCal bloggy party?!

Steph T. said...

...and jealousy sets in!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

LOVED meeting you. You are just as awesome in real life as on your blog.

PS. When I opened my suitcase the doll had separated and my kid was pulling out dismembered doll legs like "The hell did you bring me?!"

ShannanB said...

The cards totally saved me but it was weird handing them out. I'm so glad to have met you at the People's Party. You are def. one cool chick!

Crockpot Lady said...
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Crockpot Lady said...

dude. I am so angry at myself for not leaving that session and just going to find you. I totally screwed up.
I'm so sorry.

Natalie said...

it sounds like you had a great time! i love the headless dolls! did you bring one for everyone?

Kendrawolf said...

It sounds like you had so much fun. I am sooo going next year! I can't wait to hear more.

Dana said...

I was so sad we missed each other! I kept looking for you and with all the ladies everywhere, I had no idea where to begin!

This happens to me every year, I always miss a few people. :(

That means you've got to come to BlogHer again next year so we can hang! :)

Y said...

I'm so happy that you went! Now we'll have to meet for coffee again and talk about our experience!


Elizabeth said...

I am SO SORRY we missed each other! We should have had you come to our room on Saturday night anyway just to say hi! But what's weird is, I swear I saw a headless doll at some point, so you were probably standing right near me :P

Take your camera card to Walgreen's or Target or anywhere that does digital photo processing, you can download the photos to a CD and upload them to your computer! Just a suggestion :)