Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More, but Less

Meet my headless nieces. This is what you do in Hawaii when you are 10 and 7. (Of course I tried to get one of the boys but they didn't turn out headless. Oh well!) They were so much fun to be around-I hardly get girl time anymore! The kids had such an awesome time, and 95% of the time that they were awake was spent doing just this.

Below is Sam the Butcher and Alice. They are there, I promise! (They are the two heads just past Mr. Gorgeous on the paddle board. ) Wasn't it nice of them to be in this picture so I would have a reason to post it? I realize that they are not actually headless in this picture, but you can't actually see them either so I guess it fits the 'theme'. *wink*
(I really just wanted a reason to post this 'visual vitamin'. As if I need a reason. It's my blog!)

So there you have a little More of our Hawaii trip with Less heads involved. (Lame, I know. I tried.)

Headless Mom


Anonymous said...

What a "Great" trip to Hawaii we had,
see ya tomorrow---

Keetha said...

Actually, when I click on the picture it gets A LOT larger and I CAN see Alice's lovely smiling face. Sam the Butcher appears to be using his mask and snorkel to study the bottom at the moment that you clicked the shutter.

ShannanB aka Mommy Bits said...

Love the photo. It's all about the "framing" right??? That is great.