Saturday, September 6, 2008

30 Days of Less

Some of you may have heard about Mary's 30 Days of Less. The basic premise is that we can all do without much of what we spend money on in a month. For some that means eating out less (or not at all!), for others it means no Target runs, and for even others it might mean recycling for craft projects with the kids. Check out Mary's site and see all that she is doing-especially how she is feeding her family of 12 on a $200 grocery budget for the month. Make sure to scroll down through the last week or so to get some great meal ideas and recipies that you might be able to use! There are no rules-you set your own- only to spend less, and you can participate how ever you want-a lot or a little, you choose.

I am participating, if at least in my own head. It is partially out of necessity as we have had a fun summer and need to get back on track, and we have a daughter in college. (I have mentioned that, haven't I?) Plus, with all of the children's birthdays and the holidays coming up we need to save a little to be ready.

My rules are pretty easy. Don't go shopping! Well, let me clarify. Each week I will dig through my cupboard and refrigerator to find out what we already have and make my menu according to what I can use. Then I will make my shopping list based on the sales at the grocery store. I will also use leftovers whenever I can for another meal (i.e. roasted chicken one night, use the carcass and leftover meat with vegetables for soup.). I will also be baking more for treats and the like. Our grocery budget REALLY needs to be carved down and I am committed to doing it this month!

I am also not driving as much. Last year I was filling up my van about once a week, at approximately $60 a week. I figured out today that since Tuesday (9/2) I have only driven 20 miles. At that rate I may not have to fill up again until after the 15th. One thing that has helped the gas is that I am walking the kids to school in the morning. I am also not driving my car for small errands-just combining them into one trip.

Hopefully if anything else comes up that we "need" I will be able to use some of the gift cards that I have from holidays and birthdays.

So, what can you do without this month? Would you like to join us? All of the participating blogs are listed here-go visit, get some great ideas for saving money, and give us all some encouragement this month! And, if you would like to join in, write your own post about how you will spend less this month and add it to the Mr.Linky at Owlhaven's place. I will not be posting quite as much as Mary does, maybe only about once a week, but I will give you updates on how I'm doing and if I have found other ways to save besides gas and groceries.

Happy Non-Spending!

Headless Mom


Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

$200 a month on groceries is nuts. I'm pretty sure it costs me more than that just to feed my son his limited diet. I wonder if I could get the other three of us eating cheaper though.

Annie said...

So this is totally unrelated, but I found your comment on Tracey's site. Please tell me what happened on the last episode of ER, my DVR didn't record it, and I'm dieing.

Now, I'll go read your blog. It looked exciting and pretty, and I totally know what you mean about the heads being attached.

Owlhaven said...

Glad you're playing along!