Saturday, October 25, 2008

Are You Fireproof?

Have you been to see this movie? If you know me, or read here with any regularity, you know that we don't go out very often. Especially to movies.

Run, don't walk to see this movie.

poster(image courtesy of

Your marriage will be changed. You will change how you look at your spouse.

And STB? Figure out how to take Alice-FAST. Mom and Dad? Go tomorrow.

And don't forget the tissues.

I received no compensation for this post. It is my heart that every one of you would see this movie-you will be changed.

And, if Kelly gets WOMM up, this totally works. Go check out other Word of Mouth Monday posts!

Headless Mom


headless girl :] said...

it was AMAZING!!

me and my boyfriend went to the showing after my parents (they even paid for us to go)

its my new favorite movie, and its not junk like the rest of them..

my boyfriend cried more than i definitely bring the tissues..
its fantastic

amy turn sharp said...

i do want to see it- does it have a lbook to or something?

Sam said...

If we had the time or the money, I'd say it might be a possibility. As it is, it'll be a while...

Anonymous said...

Don't go see this with a firefighter! Once you figure out that that movie is low budget you can hopefully get past the disappointing "fire" scenes. If you are with a firefighter it is almost impossible to get past it. Each time a new firefighter came on the screen my husband would say, "Why are they all so fat?" I figured it was a Christian movie with a Christian message and they didn't want women lusting over the hot actors.
All that aside, we both really enjoyed the message and the movie. We even went to see it during the day while the kids were at school, it was a GREAT date movie!

I can't find my blog said...

If you click on the image above you can go to the website about the movie. Yes, it is a 'low-budget' film, but consider this: it was made entirely by an 8 man film crew. All of the sets, makeup, extras, EVERYTHING else was donated by church members. And HD said that he got past the acting within the first few minutes-something he never does!