Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Turn-Again!

You all thought that I'd forgotten, didn't you? (For those of you that don't know, I asked my readers to ask me questions. Go check out all of the questions!)

Sarah asked: "Who or what do you volunteer for?"

Well, currently at church: I sing with the worship band once a month and have for over 9 years. In the past I have: worked in the nursery, been a greeter, collected the tithes and offerings, and worked in the children's department with 2-4 year olds. I was, for about 2 years, in charge of the ministry that primarily took meals to church members that had new babies, surgery, etc.

At my children's school I am an assistant room mom, the 'box top mom', I also work in a first grade class and a third grade class, about 2 hours per week each, as well as help with parties, field trips, etc. When my daughter was still in highschool (and younger) I helped with her activities as well.

One of the volunteering positions that I gave up a little over a year ago was a position on the Advisory Board of the local chapter of my college sorority. I have worked with college age women since I was one and really love it. I had to step down because I had a daughter going into her senior year that needed her mama, and a boy that was starting Kindergarden. I really felt that I needed to pour more time into my children. Some day I will go back to being an advisor again, but for now I am focusing my time on our church and my kids.

Now that the boys are old enough Headless Dad and I are looking for other ways to volunteer-in the community, at the church, etc., WITH the kids. They are certainly old enough to help and the lessons that are there are priceless. We haven't decided what, yet, but I'll let you know as things come up.

Great question, Sarah!

Headless Mom


Jillian said...
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Sam said...

"I have worked with college age women since I was one"

Boy, you got started early! ;)

Sarah said...

Thanks for answering!
I think I'm pulling my Fire Away Friday thing, I just can't seem to remember it! Haha.

Dad said...

Just sitting around "Eating Bon Bons"!!! What a life !!
Just kidding, you do more that 99% of all the Moms !!
Love ya,

Steph said...

yeah, you really need to read that book!

You amaze me, all that you do! How in th world do you find time to blog!

Happy Halloween Headless Family!